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The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression.

In all of its activities, the Trial Lawyers College will foster and nourish an open atmosphere of caring for people regardless of their race, age, creed, religion, national origin, physical abilities, gender or sexual orientation.


Trial Lawyers College Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

The Trial Lawyers College supports the millions of citizens who are protesting the most recent murder of another African-American person, George Floyd, by a police state that too often demonstrates racial violence resulting in serious injury or death. Protests and marches have previously occurred when police have abused their power, to the injury, incarceration and death of people of color; but the present protests are far more extensive and lasting longer. Previous protests resulted in very little change. Now, finally, the time is ripe for much-needed change.

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Latest News


April 10, 2020

Rescheduled Course Dates, 2021 Schedule

Our hearts are with all of you as we collectively continue to work through the uncertainty and trepidation of the Covid-19 crisis. We wish you and yours health and healing in the weeks to come.
Many of you have asked about the rescheduling of our canceled programs. We have been able to reschedule some of our canceled March and April courses for the fall, and have worked ahead into next year to schedule regional courses and colleges for 2021. 



August 15, 2020

Ron Estefan on the TLC F Warrior Alumni Organization and TLC Fall Virtual Seminars

TLC faculty member and former F Warrior Alumni Board member Ron Estefan discusses the strength of the F Warrior alumni organization and its efforts to keep TLC graduates engaged, active, and involved through the development of TLC regional programs, local working groups, TLC’s Warrior Magazine, and many other efforts.

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July 31, 2020

Vicki Slater on the History and Future of the Jury Trial

TLC alum and faculty member Vicki Slater (TLC 2003) takes us back over 800 years to the foundation of our greatest freedom. Enjoy her recitation of a seminal case 400 years after the right to a trial by jury was established. An upstart advocate fought for his client, a Mr. Bushel, who dogmatically refused to be manipulated by the King. That advocate was responsible for the foundations of the First Amendment to the US Constitution as he was prone to practice his religion in public speeches.

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July 24, 2020

Ben Cloward Talks with a Juror from His Recent Trial Win

TLC Graduate Benjamin Cloward (TLC Sept 2013) recently won a $38 million unanimous verdict for an inadequate or negligent security case in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today Ben and one of the jurors on the case join Rafe to give you a few key insights into the trial, her role and experience as a juror, and Ben’s own unique interpretation of how TLC methods and collages helped secure this victory.

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July 17, 2020

Renee Stackhouse on Applying TLC Voir Dire Methods In and Out of the Courtroom

TLC graduate and faculty member Renee Stackhouse discusses how voir dire helps to identify the implicit biases that may affect a juror’s view on a case, and how honing your active listening skills can help you provide a non-judgmental, safe space for jurors to share their biases.

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January 9, 2020

2019 TLC2 Grad Jeremy D'Amico Shares the Challenging Case that Led to a Family Given Justice

"The most challenging aspect of this case was trying to see things from Gabe’s perspective. He had extremely limited use of language and was not able to communicate verbally what was going on in his head. You can’t ask him what’s wrong. He can’t tell you. Once I felt that I grasped his life, I was able to more effectively select jurors, to craft questions of witnesses, and to communicate his changed life and connect with the jurors in closing.

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2020 Regionals, Courses and Colleges

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2020 Courses

September 2020

FREE Special TLC Virtual Event:

Rodney Glen King vs. City of Los Angeles

Revisiting History with Milton Grimes, and a Demonstration of How Mr. Grimes Might Try the King Case in 2020

September 23, 2020

October 2020

Cross Examination

  Virtual Course

October 8-11, 2020



Voir Dire

  Virtual Course

October 22-25, 2020

November 2020

F Warrior Annual Retreat

November 13-15, 2020

The Lodge
Santa Fe, NM

December 2020

Discover the Story of your Case

  Virtual Course

December 3-6, 2020

2021 Courses

February 2021

Voir Dire

February 19-21

Peery Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT

Drury Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

March 2021

Indigent Representation

March 9-13

Post Oak Lodge, Tulsa, OK 

Closing Argument

March 25-28

Hampton Inn Convention Center, New Orleans, LA

April 2021


April 23-25

Hyatt Regency, Newport Beach, CA


In Defense of the Damned

May 23-31

Glorieta Adventure Camps, Santa Fe, NM


Trial Skills Foundation

June 6-12

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO



July 3-Week College

July 8-31

Glorieta Adventure Camps, Santa Fe, NM


Graduate 1 - SOLD OUT

August 8-15

Graduate 2 - SOLD OUT

August 22-29

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO


September 3-Week College

Sept. 9 - Oct. 2

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO


Opening Statement

October 21-24

Sleeping Lady Resort, Leavenworth, WA