“In order for me to do a trial right now, I need to prepare extra-special. It’s sort of like an extended warm-up to get my head in the right spot.”

This week’s podcast features Jason Savela, a criminal defense lawyer with more than two decades of experience trying cases to juries in Colorado. Continuing our theme of “Managing in Tough Times,” Jason shares the details of some of his most riveting cases, guiding listeners through the hardships and triumphs that he has shared with his clients.

As a TLC-trained trial lawyer, Jason stays true to the psychodramatic methods, sharing the strategies he used to discover his clients’ stories and tell them authentically to the jury. Bringing the discussion back to the tough times we’re collectively facing, Jason reminds listeners of the importance of using demonstrative evidence now more than ever.

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Episode Guest, Jason Savela

Jason Savela is a criminal defense trial lawyer based in Boulder, Colorado. With over 23 years of experience trying cases to juries, he is skilled at discovering the true story of innocence in his client’s case and showing it to a jury in the most effective way. He has built successful defenses of First Degree Murder, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child, DUI, Domestic Violence, Gun Charges, Self Defense, Involuntary Intoxication, and False Accusation in both Federal and State Courts.

Prior to his current position at The Savela Law Firm, P.C., Jason spent five years serving as a Colorado Public Defender in the El Paso, Adams, Arapahoe, and Route offices. He also worked with the Alternate Defense Counsel from 2002 to 2012. Jason has worked more than 75 trials across his career and is qualified to testify by multiple state courts as an expert in criminal defense.

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