“There are so many people who have incredible talents that are going to waste because they’ve been excluded. It’s not hard to find if you just open your eyes….and when we see it, we need to use our position of power and privilege in the groups and organizations that we’re leading to elevate that talent and allow them to have the space to shine.”

This week, trial lawyer and legal educator Keeley Blanchard joins Rafe Foreman in an integral discussion on the importance of inclusion, diversity, and representation in the legal profession.

As a trainer of public defenders, Keeley explains how valuable it can be for members of underserved communities to see and be taught by legal leaders who share a key part of their identity, whether that’s their race, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. However, Keeley reminds listeners of the barriers that currently limit that from happening at the frequency that it should, prompting her to explore the solutions to this pressing issue.

As Rafe and Keeley dissect this issue from the perspective of their own marginalized identities as well as their points of privilege, they encourage legal professionals and leaders to identify the biases they have within themselves and to do the work to overcome them in order to provide a safe and welcoming space for all.

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Episode Guest, Keeley Blanchard

114 Keeley Blanchard Headshot 2Keeley D. Blanchard provides first-rate, aggressive representation for people accused of criminal offenses throughout the State of Michigan. Ms. Blanchard believes that every one of her clients deserves personal attention during their difficult journey through the criminal justice system. She ensures that her clients will have access to her for thorough answers to the tough questions that they are facing. Ms. Blanchard devotes herself to obtaining the best possible result in each and every case, for each and every client.

Keeley D. Blanchard is an active member of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan and the Trial Lawyers College, where she is on the teaching staff. Ms. Blanchard takes pride in the extensive amount of time that she dedicates to ensuring that she is up-to-date on the most current developments in the criminal defense field, and regularly engages in continuing education and training.

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