“Success is really subjective, and I think that’s okay. The only thing that I need to do to live truthfully is to define the things that are important to me and let the rest burn. What’s scarier — disappointing people or thinking, at the end of the day, what kind of life could I have had if I had just been a little bit braver?”

This week, Ilinois criminal defense attorney Cambry McNabb joins host Rafe Foreman to explore the true meaning of success. As a young lawyer who attended the Trial Lawyers College early in her career, Cambry has had her fair share of successes, but not all of those successes had perfect outcomes. Discussing the most noteworthy trials and tribulations of her legal practice, Cambry treats listeners to a thought-provoking dive into what it means to win or lose a case.

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Episode Guest, Cambry McNabb

110 Cambry McNabb headshotCambry McNabb concentrates her practice in defending clients accused of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses in the Chicagoland area. Cambry has quickly become a fixture in criminal courthouses across Cook County and has established an outstanding reputation as an honest and tenacious advocate for her clients. Each day in court, Cambry demonstrates powerhouse litigation skills that have earned her the respect of judges and colleagues across the state. Those skills, coupled with her fierce, integrity-based advocacy have established Cambry’s reputation for excellence in defending criminal matters.

Outside of her work with The Toney Law Firm, Cambry spends time giving back to her community. She always strives to use her legal knowledge to protect her fellow community members and has given numerous presentations on exercising civil rights during police encounters. Cambry also attends trainings, seminars, and conferences dedicated to improving both her own skills and the overall criminal justice system at a local and national level.

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