“Judges are just like us — they’re egocentric, they think with their own minds, they speak with their own heart, and they bring a lifetime of experiences as a human and as a previous lawyer to the bench.”

This riveting podcast features former Oklahoma judge Kenny Adair, now a criminal and civil trial lawyer, who gives his unique perspective on the fears and vulnerabilities of the more challenging judges encountered by trial lawyers. Sharing invaluable insight into the human side of the men and women behind the bench, Kenny presents listeners with a refreshing take on the use of psychodrama to connect with the judge and win justice for their clients.

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Episode Guest, Kenneth “Kenny” Adair

Kenneth “Kenny” Adair’s years of experience in and out of the courtroom provide a unique perspective on trial strategy. His trial work, notably second-chairing murder cases at jury trial, including death penalty cases and other felony and civil cases, provides him with the perspective needed for most legal matters.

Kenny’s legal career began at the Oklahoma College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. Soon after, he began representing clients as a public defender and eventually as a private practice criminal and civil trial lawyer. He recently ended a nine-year career serving as a district judge for the State of Oklahoma to return to the role of a trial lawyer, continuing the commitment to justice sparked by his TLC experience.

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