TLC Sustaining Membership

A New Name for a Familiar Way to Support TLC

For well over a decade, Trial Lawyers College alumni, friends and supporters have supported TLC through memberships in what was formerly called “The Ranch Club.” Members commit $100/month for ten years, typically paid by a convenient automatic withdrawal from their credit card or checking account. Through those members’ commitment, the College receives something very important: a steady and reliable cash flow that assists with financial planning based on the number of members.

Since Trial Lawyers College left Wyoming, the name “Ranch Club” has lost its former significance. While TLC absolutely needs regularly financial support from its alumni and supporters, that financial support is no longer directed to the tenancy maintenance of a ranch. Now, TLC needs that steady and reliable cash flow for other needs: recovery from a pandemic year in which TLC could not present in-person programs; new programming in new venues moving forward; and savings for its future permanent home, in which TLC plans to be an owner, not a tenant.

The F Warriors Board selected the new name for the former “Ranch Club”: TLC Sustaining Members. The new name expresses exactly what that monthly support from alumni and supporters does for TLC: it sustains the College, $100 per member per month, every month. Those monthly payments are our alums’ steady and reliable commitment – and the more alums that join as TLC Sustaining Members, the more steady and reliable cash flow the College has for its current and future financial planning.

The selection of a new name of the former “Ranch Club” also marks the College’s comfort that its assets will be safe. The Laramie County District Court has ruled against the former Directors of TLC who had asked that TLC be dissolved and that its assets be placed in receivership. While the former Directors have appealed that decision, the district court’s decision is modest and well-supported. While there are never any guarantees in any legal proceeding, TLC believes that alumni who suspended their “Ranch Club” memberships out of concern over where their donations would go may now rejoin as TLC Sustaining Members — with the security of the district court’s thoughtful decision to keep your donations directed to your Trial Lawyers College.

The benefits of the former “Ranch Club” are still available to the now-TLC Sustaining Members:

  • A $200 discount on every TLC course you attend. Discount is automatically applied when you register for a course.
  • A $200 annual gift certificate to give to a friend or colleague to use for their first course at TLC.
  • One year complimentary subscription to the Warrior magazine for your first year in the TLC Sustaining Membership
  • A gold or silver TLC Sustaining Membership lapel pin


  • $100/month for 10 years which will be applied directly to the general operating expenses of the Trial Lawyers College.

You can join TLC Sustaining Members at TLC SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP. Please support your College! Your generous gift of $100/month, payable as an automatic withdrawal from your checking account or credit card, helps more than you know.

“All contributions will continue to be used to advance Trial Lawyers College’s mission of training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals. With admiration and gratitude from your TLC Board “ – President John Sloan, VP Milton Grimes, Sec. Maren Chaloupka, Treas. JR Clary, Dana Cole and Anne Valentine