TLC Sustaining Membership


Trial Lawyers College thanks all of our sustaining members who have maintained monthly contributions since the onset of the global pandemic and the April 2020 eviction from Thunderhead Ranch. We are grateful to all our donors who continue to give. Emphatically, TLC thanks you for your support! Your contributions are helping TLC, now more than ever, to continue to operate.

Your Campus Club contributions are now, and have always been, non-restricted funds. Historically, Campus Club funds were used for general operational needs. When TLC was held on the Thunderhead Campus, ranch expenses for the upkeep of the property were supported by Campus Club contributions. Under the terms of TLC’s lease with the Spence Foundation, TLC was responsible to pay those expenses for the maintenance and upkeep of Thunderhead Campus. Since the Spence Foundation evicted TLC from Thunderhead Campus, TLC has continued its operations virtually, and will resume in-person programming at new locations — eventually at a new ranch that we own — under the leadership of the Board of Directors listed below.

Because of the direct threats to safety caused by the pandemic, TLC was forced to cancel 10 of our 16 planned programs in 2020 and hold 5 of its 2021 programs in February – June virtually until we can resume in-person courses in September 2021. The College also moved out of its brick-and-mortar Cheyenne office, with its administrative staff now working from home, and cut additional operating expenses by 50%. Even with that effort, TLC has operational expense to keep the College running now with full plans to resume in-person programming when it is safe.

Those expenses include:

  • Administrative staff salaries and benefits
  • Instructor fees for our psychodramatists and Josh Karton
  • Deposits on 2021 venues (in preparation for resumption of in-person programming in anticipation of an available vaccine by spring 2021)
  • Insurance, accounting, advertising, information technology, and other general operating expenses necessary to continue to run the College

All of these expenses will continue to be needed as we go forward with our plans to hold a variety of programs next year, whether in-person or virtually, including Trial Skills Foundations, In Defense of the Damned, September 3-week College, two Graduate Courses, Regional Seminars, the new Indigent Representation Seminar and additional new programming as TLC moves forward into its bright future which will eventually include our own new campus!

We encourage you to maintain, or even renew, your TLC Sustaining Membership. Your TLC Sustaining Membership gift is more vital now than ever before. TLC will continue to move forward with optimism and a clear vision of what we are and where we are headed, but we can’t get there without your support.


  • A $200 discount on every TLC course you attend. Discount is automatically applied when you register for a course.
  • A $200 annual gift certificate to give to a friend or colleague to use for their first course at TLC.
  • One year complimentary subscription to the Warrior magazine for your first year in the TLC Sustaining Membership
  • A gold or silver TLC Sustaining Membership lapel pin


  • $100/month for 10 years which will be applied directly to the general operating expenses of the Trial Lawyers College.

“All contributions will continue to be used to advance Trial Lawyers College’s mission of training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals. With admiration and gratitude from your TLC Board “ – President John Sloan, VP Milton Grimes, Sec. Maren Chaloupka, Treas. JR Clary, Dana Cole and Anne Valentine