Join The Ranch Club

Due to the generosity of our Ranch Club members, the Trial Lawyers College is able to maintain our beautiful campus on the Thunderhead Ranch. With all of the trials and tribulations that happen today in our country's courtrooms, it is vitally important to know that justice does exist, that there is a home for it, and people who fight for it and who believe in it. The Thunderhead Ranch is, in fact, the ONLY place where trial lawyers can find a home in themselves, and, having found it, can open that door to justice for America. This Ranch and this campus is the home for all TLC Warriors no matter the season.


  • A $200 discount on every TLC course you attend. Discount is automatically applied when you register for a course.
  • A $200 annual gift certificate to give to a friend or colleague to use for their first course at TLC. 
  • A complimentary one-year subscription to the Warrior magazine for new Ranch Club members (effective July 13, 2012).
  • The opportunity to be placed on an exclusive Ranch Club listserve, for members only. 
  • A Ranch Club certificate, a membership card, a lapel pin, and a signed photograph of Gerry Spence.
  • Early registration available for yearly Constellation Regionals
  • Quarterly Newsletter


  • $100/month for 10 years which will be applied directly to the general operating expenses of the Thunderhead Ranch campus.





“I am a Ranch Club member because we are at a crossroads where even the liberal wing of our courts want to limit our Constitutional right to a jury trial under the 6th and 7th amendment. Trial Lawyers College is the last hope of teaching us how to connect with ourselves, our family, our friends, our clients and jurors. TLC teaches us, as lawyers, that the power within each of us to care for our fellow man will give power to the jury to realize they can affect change, they can fight back and with their decision defeat the moneyed and powerful interests that are making an end-around the right to a jury trial through court and procedural rulings. Serving on a jury can be a place of real power for ordinary people and TLC can help us give them the confidence to use their power. The Ranch Club will help TLC to continue to do the work to save trials and the jury system." - Jerry Perry, Perry Law Firm


"The Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College enriches my life by nourishing my heart and spirit with knowledge, compassion and bravery. The Trial Lawyers College continues to be invested in the success, knowledge and endeavors of the members, its Tribe. In return, I believe it is vital to maintain the life force of the Trial Lawyers College. As a Ranch Club member, my monthly contributions help sustain the Trial Lawyers College, and it continues to nourish the hearts and spirits of others. This is very important to me.” - Thomas Davenport, The Davenport Firm