All courses provided by the Trial Lawyers College are CLE accredited by the state in which the course is held. 

It is your responsibility to apply for CLE credit in the state(s) in which you practice law. 

You may be wondering why TLC does not apply for CLE credit for all of its courses in all 50 states. First, it is cost prohibitive (due to the staff time and fees associated with applying for approved provider status), and second, most State Bars will not accredit a course that is held in another state. Most State Bars will, however, accept CLE credits approved by another state. 

Before you register for a course, check with your State Bar(s) on their reporting requirements. We only provide CLE paperwork after the course has been completed.

About six weeks after you submit an online evaluation of the course, the Registrar will e-mail you the paperwork you will need to apply for CLE credits.


Most State Bars require the CLE provider (the Trial Lawyers College) to administer a course evaluation. After your course, the online evaluation link will be emailed to you.

Within six weeks after you submit the online evaluation, the Registrar will e-mail you the following documents (typically):

(1) Certificate of Attendance or Attendance Record for CLE Credit (lists your name, brief course title and number of CLE and ethics credits approved by host state);

(2) Course Syllabus (a generalized timed agenda);

(3) Staff List (names and contact information); and

(4) Student List (names and contact information).


Course material for all CLE courses sponsored by the Trial Lawyers College is available for download at Course Materials. Printed copies will not be provided at the course.

NOTE: For links to course evaluations, e-mail