Dismissal of all 62 charges against Andrew Skeith

Robert Robles – TLC ’98 Grad. 

Merle Gile (TLC ’98 Grad) was hired to defend Andrew Skeith, a local lobbyist, in Oklahoma City. Skeith, along with Mike Morgan, ex State Senator and prominent high profile attorney Martin Stringer were accused of over 62 counts of conspiracy, bribery, extortion, mail fraud and other crimes related to influence peddling at the State Capital. Andrew Skeith, was accused of 62 counts of conspiracy related to the bribery, extortion, mail fraud allegedly committed by Morgan and Stringer. The story is this. A landfill operator wanted to open a landfill in Oklahoma. The landfill was opposed by the neighbors and local state representatives. The landfill operator hired Martin Stringer to get the permits for the landfill and Stringer said they had to hire State Senator Mike Morgan on retainer (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) to get the job done. Skeith was present at meetings and gave advice on how the legislative process worked. Stringer was paid for legal advice. Morgan was paid for legal advice and Skeith was along for the ride. Talk about a bumpy ride for Skeith.

Merle told me that he talked to the Federal Prosecutor and asked, after reading the indictment, exactly what crimes did Andrew Skeith commit? The prosecutor said you’ll see.

Well, after two weeks of trial, the prosecution rested and Merle, persuaded Judge Cauthron to dismiss all 62 charges against Skeith. The judge called for a conference after the Prosecutor rested and asked out loud: Looking at the prosecutor, can you tell me specifically what crime, Andrew Skeith committed? In reaction, the Prosecutor produced a transcript and volumes of evidence which the Judge rejected.

Merle told me that he had to do a lot of investigation, and use all of the skills learned at the Ranch on the Government witnesses. He interviewed as many of the witnesses as would talk to him and found out that they did not feel that Skeith had done anything wrong. Well, Merle asked every witness, when they were on the witness stand, that he was confident would not burn Skeith, if they felt that Skeith did anything wrong. They all said no, Skeith didn’t figure in to any of the charges. Agents for the government in an attempt to ensnare Skeith gave Skeith money to spread around which he did. Well done Merle.

I certainly had my doubts when Merle told me about the case because the dollars involved were very large for buying political influence and normally, Oklahomans enjoy a political spectacle before burning a politician. I thought for sure, one out of the 62 charges would stick but none did. Skeith walked out a free man. After the Defense had its turn, Martin was found not guilty on all charges, but Morgan had one charge of bribery stick on him. He faces 10 years.

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