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TLC Podcast Episode 57: Dr. Ben Edwards on the Crossroads of Medicine and the Law

2020-04-13T10:30:20-06:00 April 13, 2020|TLC Podcast|

"Medical school taught me how to diagnose symptoms and how to give the drug to treat... There is no money in chronic disease resolution; there is money in chronic disease management." The TLC Podcast branches out this month as host Rafe Foreman interviews Texas physician, Dr. Ben Edwards, on the crossroads between medicine and the law. Dr. Edwards made the shift to integrative medicine after building a successful practice in conventional medicine. He works with his patients to drill down to the root cause of their symptoms, considering the patient's unique needs and incorporating what he calls the "Four Pillars of Health" - nutrition, hydration, movement, and peace - to make lasting change. In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Edwards shares [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 56: TLC Faculty Member Terry Lenamon on Trying Death Penalty Cases

2020-04-28T15:32:36-06:00 March 30, 2020|TLC Podcast|

"When you're representing the guy that everybody hates, it is rewarding to use the skills I learned at TLC to bring forth that person's humanity." TLC Podcast host Rafe Foreman interviews trial lawyer and TLC graduate and faculty member Terry Lenamon on trying death penalty cases armed with methods learned and practiced at the Trial Lawyers College. Terry is a trial lawyer practicing in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where he has built a reputation as one of Florida’s most respected criminal defense lawyers handling capital death penalty cases. He has handled in excess of 85 first degree murder cases. His experience has brought him national recognition as a go-to commentator on death penalty issues. In this episode, Terry talks with Rafe [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 55: TLC Graduate Benjamin Cloward on How TLC Methods Translate to Trial Wins

2020-03-20T19:45:45-06:00 March 10, 2020|TLC Podcast|

 “There’s not another community, ListServ, organization, or school of thought like TLC.” - Ben Cloward TLC Podcast host Rafe Foreman interviews TLC Graduate Benjamin Cloward (TLC Sept 2013) on how the methods taught in TLC courses translate to actual use in a trial. Ben is a partner in the Richard Harris Law Firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this episode, Ben talks with host Rafe Foreman about the TLC methods he used in winning several big cases in the last few years. Most recently, Ben obtained a stunning verdict of $38.5 million in a wrongful death suit. Ben called on his TLC training and the support of the TLC tribe in preparing his case. “You have individuals who come from all [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 54: Valeri Malone on Incorporating TLC Methods into Your Practice and Your Life

2020-03-10T18:21:12-06:00 February 12, 2020|TLC Podcast|

"There's no perfect case, there's no perfect person, there's no perfect client, there's no perfect juror... it's just owning all of that and then delivering it to them in your client's story." - Valeri Malone TLC Podcast host Rafe Foreman interviews Valeri Malone on how she has incorporated the methods learned at the Trial Lawyers College into her practice. Valeri is an associate at Loncar Associates in Lubbock, Texas, where she specializes in personal injury and accident cases. She brings two decades of experience to her clients and to the Loncar team. Her reputation as a hard-working, successful trial lawyer has earned her the respect of her peers and the trust of her clients. In this episode, Valeri talks with [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 53: TLC Board Member, Maren Chaloupka on Serving the Mentally Ill

2020-02-12T16:14:35-07:00 January 23, 2020|TLC Podcast|

Episode 53: TLC Board Member, Maren Chaloupka on Serving the Mentally Ill "If being a lawyer is a calling, and I believe it is, being a trial lawyer, then service to those who are in the throes of something that they can't understand is a huge part of that calling." - Maren Chaloupka Maren Chaloupka is a criminal defense and civil plaintiff’s trial lawyer.  She has a diverse practice, and she especially enjoys working on civil rights cases, including wrongful conviction cases and cases involving medical and mental health care in jails and prisons.  She lives in the small town of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and serves clients wherever her work takes her. Maren is leading the Cross-Examination Constellation Regional Seminar at the [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 52: Trying an Honest Case with TLC Faculty Members, Brooks Cutter & Scott Glovsky

2019-11-07T10:53:26-07:00 November 7, 2019|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 52: Trying an Honest Case with Faculty Members Brooks Cutter and Scott Glovsky "Even though my client had such a huge life with several different women and all these different children, he had managed to have a loving relationship with each of them and so for me, that was a lesson to never judge people by their life circumstances. Everybody has greatness in them and people, whoever they are, can be wonderful people and responsible loving parents. That was important for me on a personal level." - Brooks Cutter In this episode, Scott Glovsky, host of the popular podcast, Trial Lawyer Talk and TLC Faculty Member talks with Brooks Cutter, Sacramento Trial Lawyer and TLC Faculty Leader about trying an [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 51: TLC Faculty Member, Jacqui Ford on Reputation In and Out of the Courtroom

2019-08-29T10:29:54-06:00 August 29, 2019|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 51: TLC Faculty Member, Jacqui Ford on Reputation In and Out of the Courtroom "If I want my jurors to be free to open up; if I want them to free themselves of their anxiety so they can come to creative energy, this is where I want my jurors to make decisions. This is very important: people who are making decisions from a place of pain, fear, or anxiety cannot process information the same way they can if they are in an energy of love and support."  - Jacqui Ford In this episode, we hear from Oklahoma Trial Lawyer, Jacqui Ford. Jacqui talks about the reputation of trial lawyers and the power of conversation and credibility in and [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 50: Co-Leaders Mel Orchard & Vicki Slater on Restructure of TLCs Graduate-1

2019-08-07T09:43:45-06:00 August 6, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 50: Co-Leaders Mel Orchard & Vicki Slater on Restructure of TLCs Graduate-1 "We're trying to empower the students and really all of ourselves as Trial Lawyers to be able to utilize every means available to communicate our clients' cases. That's really the bottom line of it and to make sure we all know ourselves and take care of ourselves so we can be available to help our clients." - Vicki Slater, Grad-1 Co-Leader In this episode, I talk with the co-leaders of the newly structured Graduate-1 program, Mel Orchard & Vicki Slater. I was able to take a backseat to the first-launched program last year and it was really incredible to see how they brought the TLC Graduates out of [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 49: Maryland Grad, Ian Anthony on the Disparity Between Law School and Trial Lawyers College

2019-05-18T12:19:13-06:00 May 17, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 49: Maryland Grad, Ian Anthony on the Disparity Between Law School and Trial Lawyers College  "When I got to law school, I felt it to be very rigid. There is a system of scoring people, a system for questioning students, and a system for instruction; it felt very boxed-in like law school was gearing you up to be a competitive, book smart, lawyer-robot." - Ian Anthony, 2016 TLC Graduate Ian Anthony is our guest in this episode of the Trial Lawyers College Podcast. In this episode, we talk about how TLC differs from law school and why these differences are so important for trial lawyers. Ian Anthony is a 2016 July Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and has attended [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 48: TLC Grad Shares Insight into TLC’s 3-Week College Experience

2020-04-20T21:58:57-06:00 April 18, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 48: TLC Grad Shares Insight into TLC's 3-Week College Experience "When I was accepted to the 3-Week College, it almost felt like I was accepted into Law School all over again. The feeling of excitement, joy, and fear, I was scared. What was I about to get into? The fear of leaving my practice for a month, leaving my family for a month, and all of the emotions that surround that." - Donal McRoberts 2018 TLC Grad Welcome to episode 48 with Donal McRoberts as our guest. He started his practice in 2011 handling family law and criminal defense, and by chance had an opportunity to represent a person injured in a car accident where the insurance company was denying [...]

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