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2019 TLC2 Grad, Jeremy D’Amico Shares his Challenging Case in Connecticut that Lead to a Family Given Justice

2020-01-03T16:14:46-07:00 January 9, 2020|TLC Blog|

Written and shared by Jeremy D'Amico, TLC2 2019 September Graduate. Jeremy is a licensed trial lawyer in Connecticut and Florida practicing exclusively in the areas of plaintiff's Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Nursing Home Negligence. Dear Warriors, I hope this finds you well. I want to share with you all some details about the journey of my recent $23,050,000 jury verdict out of Connecticut, one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Connecticut's history. The Bus Crash In June of 2015, Gabe, a child with autism, was riding on the school bus home. It was a sunny summer day, the sky dotted with clouds, and the air, crisp. The bus pulled out from the school and two cars [...]

San Diego TLC Trial Lawyer, Omid Rejali, Dedicates His Record-Breaking Verdict to the Trial Lawyers College

2020-04-21T19:36:44-06:00 October 24, 2019|TLC Blog|

  "I have always said and will continue to say that TLC changed my life for the good, forever. I attended my first regional in January 2017 and have attended two subsequent regionals since. I have not had the pleasure of attending the 3-week college but will certainly do so in the near future. This verdict and many more to come are all dedicated to the college. It all came about by nothing other than pure LOVE for my client." - Omid Rejali, TLC Seminar Student Omid Rejali is a TLC student who opened his criminal and civil practice, Rejali Law Firm, in San Diego right after passing the bar in 2014. He attended his first TLC seminar in 2017 [...]

TLC Grad and Faculty Member, Tommy Davenport on a Recent Story Inside Angola Prison, Louisiana’s State Penitentiary

2019-09-23T13:37:11-06:00 September 19, 2019|TLC Blog|

On Friday, September 6, Dateline's Lester Holt shared a story on Angola, the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He actually stayed in a cell there for a number of days. It is the largest maximum-security prison in the world. It is still a working plantation. It is surrounded by a river and swampland, with a number of 'unpaid guards'-alligators. I've been at this prison many times and I cry when I leave and am angered by the time I make it home. As far as the eye can see, there are black men working in the fields with guards on horses. Not much different than a scene from 12 Years a Slave. Angola is a complete failure of the human race and [...]

TLC2 2018 Graduate, David Zagoria Wins Justice After Attending TLC Flagship 3-Week College

2019-08-14T11:45:25-06:00 August 15, 2019|TLC Blog|

"The jurors were all leaning out of the box and the judge was intently watching as I ran across the courtroom pretending to be the dog that grabbed my client's leg (re-enacting what had happened to him). It was the most influential I have ever felt in a courtroom from re-enacting the actual scene. I can’t wait to do it again." - David Zagoria, 2018 TLC September Graduate David Zagoria is a personal injury attorney from Atlanta, Georgia who attended his first TLC regional in 2016. David had been taught in his early years, that the attorneys' job is to persuade and convince the jury - to basically twist their arms to get them to agree. So, when he attended [...]

TLC2 2017 Grad, Dominic Andriacchi Jr. Brought Justice for Client in Northern Michigan

2019-01-14T11:54:17-07:00 January 10, 2019|TLC Blog|

"This trial was a TLC trial if there ever was one. I did the listening exercise, doubling, all the psychodrama methods I learned, and we were able to reenact the crash during cross-examination. I asked for over a million dollars in a conservative county in Michigan and before trial even started I had people laughing and telling me I had a frivolous case, including some of the people on the jury in the venire." - Dominic Andriacchi Jr. (TLC2 '17) Dominic Andriacchi Jr. graduated from TLC's 3-Week Flagship College in September 2017 and has since taken a new approach to fight for the clients he represents. Dominic graduated from law school in 2012 and moved back to where he grew [...]

1996 TLC Grad & Faculty Member, K.O. Berger, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for her Longstanding Efforts in Juvenile Advocacy

2018-09-14T10:59:07-06:00 September 13, 2018|TLC Blog|

1996 TLC Graduate and Faculty Member, K.O. Berger was awarded the Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award for Juvenile Advocacy on April 20, 2018, in Newport, Oregon for her impressive longstanding juvenile advocacy casework. ‘K.O. has represented juveniles since 1990. No case — and no kid — scares K.O. away. She works tirelessly for her juvenile clients, recognizing that they are kids regardless of what they are charged with, and regardless of how much the state or the court or the press try to demonize them. K.O. thoroughly and completely researches every issue and knows the national scene. Without her tenacious advocacy at the trial court level, our compatriots would not have brought home appellate victories. K.O. has also been [...]

Louisiana Immigrant Acquitted on Behalf of TLC Grad & Faculty Member, Tommy Davenport

2018-08-14T14:33:54-06:00 August 16, 2018|TLC Blog|

About a month after Natalya's case was dismissed, her body was found as a result of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound. This blog post is dedicated to the life of Natalya Deville and her family. "In December 2017, I was burned out. I planned on taking some time off during the holiday season to rest up, but before my holiday began, a prospective client came in needing a criminal defense lawyer. The client is a Ukrainian immigrant who did the right thing locating the owner of a lost dog. What should have been a 'thank you so much' moment by the dog’s owner, turned into a cop bullying a lady and endangering the safety of some of the most vulnerable [...]

TLC Grad, Jason Savela Received Verdict of Acquittal for Young Client in Colorado

2018-08-09T09:45:58-06:00 August 9, 2018|TLC Blog|

"When we believe our client is honest, we’re looking for a reason why the complaining witness would necessarily lie, misrepresent the truth, or just be wrong. Basically, we came up with a variety of possible reasons, but we couldn't nail anything down at the beginning of discovery. Although, we did discover an interesting conversation between my client and the woman receiving the massage. My client had told the woman that he had a $3 million policy protecting him in case he did harm or touch somebody inappropriately. The next massage my client gave this woman was when the accusation of penetration came out, which was very significant." - Jason Savela, 2010 TLC Graduate Jason Savela is a Criminal Defense Lawyer [...]

Trial Lawyers College Intern Awarded Acquittal in First Case Using TLC Methods

2018-07-18T17:16:55-06:00 July 19, 2018|TLC Blog|

Cheryl Carpenter was Dennis Whittie's trial skills adjunct professor at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley School of Law where she quickly became Dennis' long-standing mentor to law and specifically, the Trial Lawyers College methods. "Cheryl gave me my lowest grade in the class for my cross-examination because I came up very hard on the witness. I said it was the best grade I ever got in law school because it was Cheryl's way of introducing me to the TLC methods. After that, she offered me an opportunity to work on a felony case with her, and then during that, she got retained in a murder case that went worldwide." Cheryl Carpenter graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2000 [...]

TLC’s Condemnation Statement

2018-07-16T08:41:42-06:00 July 9, 2018|TLC Blog|

The Trial Lawyers College condemns the policy of The Trump Administration in the criminal arrest of adults at our borders who are seeking political asylum, resulting in the automatic and forced separation from their minor children. We also condemn the automatic and forced separation of children from their parents who have been charged with a misdemeanor for illegal entry into the United States. We condemn transporting these minor children to detention facilities, foster homes, or to other states apart from their parents.  We condemn the inept record-keeping which reportedly has failed to confirm where these minor children are housed, further jeopardizing a timely reunification with their parents. We condemn denying innocent persons seeking asylum in America their right to prove [...]

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