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When searching, use first name OR last name, but not both. Look for "John" or look for "Doe", not "John Doe". Also, states are all abbreviated, so when you want to find someone in Wyoming, use "WY", not "Wyoming". 

Profile Picture First Name Last Name Firm State E-Mail
Ali, Zaki Zaki Ali Attorney at Law IN
Amatruda, Mary-Jo Mary-Jo Amatruda Psychodramatist NY
Amedee, Lee "Jody" Lee "Jody" Amedee Gauthier & Amedee LA
Baca, Adrian Adrian Baca Law Offices of Adrian M. Baca CA
Barbieri, Heather Heather Barbieri Barbieri Law Firm, PC TX
Basile, Jude Jude Basile The Basile Law Firm CA
Benjamin, Kimberly Kimberly Benjamin Benjamin Law Firm, LLC MO
Berger, K.O. K.O. Berger Katherine O. Berger, PC OR
Bertrand, Joy Joy Bertrand Joy Bertrand, Esq., LLC AZ
Blanchard, Keeley Keeley Blanchard Blanchard Law MI
Boag, Finlay Finlay Boag Law Office of Finlay Boag CA
Bosch, Gerard Gerard Bosch Attorney at Law WY
Brown, James James Brown Law Office of James M. Brown, APLC CA
Brown, Sean Sean Brown Power & Brown, LLC AK
Bunn, Benjamin Benjamin Bunn Hulburt & Bunn, LLP CA
Buxton, Jim Jim Buxton Buxton Law Group OK
Callahan, Michael Michael Callahan The Callahan Law Firm TX
Carpenter, Cheryl Cheryl Carpenter Cheryl A. Carpenter, PLLC MI
Chaloupka, Maren Maren Chaloupka Chaloupka Holyoke Snyder Chaloupka & Longoria NE
Chapdelaine, Jeffrey Jeffrey Chapdelaine Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine, PC MA
Clarkson, Don Don Clarkson Psychodramatist MD
Clary, Jr., James James Clary, Jr. Clary Suba & Associates LA
Cole, Dana Dana Cole University of Ohio, Akron Law School OH DKC@UAKRON.EDU
Conard, John John Conard John C. Conard Chartered MN
Cowart, Dax Dax Cowart Attorney at Law CA
Cutter, Brooks Brooks Cutter Cutter Law, PC CA
Davenport, Thomas Thomas Davenport The Davenport Firm, APLC LA
Davis, Eric Eric Davis Harris County Public Defender's Office TX
Dawson, Bob Bob Dawson DawsonBrown, P.S. WA
Demik, Stephen Stephen Demik Federal Public Defender for the Central District of California CA
Detoto, Emily Emily Detoto Law Office of Emily Detoto TX
Duarte, Francisco (Paco) Francisco (Paco) Duarte Fury Bailey, PS WA
Dumas, Paul Paul Dumas Paul R. Dumas, Jr., LLC ME
Dupuis, Donna Donna Dupuis Psychodramatist AB
Eliades, Rosa Rosa Eliades Office of Military Commissions; Defense Counsel Military Commission DC
Ellis, Deborah Deborah Ellis Ellis Law Office MN
Estefan, Paula Paula Estefan Elliott & Little TX
Estefan, Ron Ron Estefan The Estefan Firm, P.C TX
Faraj, Haytham Haytham Faraj Law Offices of Haytham Faraj PC CA
Fitzgerald, Jim Jim Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Law Firm WY
Fong, Eric Eric Fong Fong Law PLL WA
Ford, Jacquelyn Jacquelyn Ford Jacquelyn Ford Law, P.C. OK
Foreman, S. Rafe S. Rafe Foreman University of Missouri-Kansas City: School of Law MO
Freeman, Render Render Freeman Andersen, Tate & Carr GA
Fried, Joseph Joseph Fried Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC GA
Frye, Kim Kim Frye Frye Law Group GA
Fury, Steve Steve Fury Fury Duarte PS WA
Galente, Renee Renee Galente Galente Law, APC CA
Gauthier, Andre Andre Gauthier Gauthier Amedee LA
Gilbert, William William Gilbert Gilbert Law Firm, P.S. WA
Glenn, David David Glenn Glenn Law Firm TX
Glovsky, Scott Scott Glovsky Law Offices of Scott Glovsky, APC CA
Greene, Betsy Betsy Greene Greene & Schultz Trial Lawyers IN
Grimes, Milton Milton Grimes Law Office of Milton C. Grimes CA
Henderson, Connie Connie Henderson Henderson Taylor Law Firm, PLLC WA
Hill, Jeffrey Jeffrey Hill Jeffrey R. Hill, PC CO
Holmes, Chandra Chandra Holmes John P. Zelbst Law Firm OK
Humphreys, Dave Dave Humphreys Humphreys, Wallace, Humphreys, PC OK
Hutchison, Susan Susan Hutchison Foreman, Lewis & Hutchison, P.C. TX
Iler, Nancy Nancy Iler Nancy C. Iler Law Firm LLC OH
Johnson, Leigh Leigh Johnson Law Offices of Leigh E. Johnson CA
Johnston, Thomas Thomas Johnston Johnston & Hutchinson LLP CA
Kammen, Rick Rick Kammen Kammen and Moudy IN
Karton, Josh Joshua Karton Communications Instructor CA
Kerns, Kurt Kurt Kerns Ariagno, Kerns, Mank & White, LLC KS
Larrimore, Jeffery Jeffery Larrimore Law Offices of Jeffery J. Larrimore CA
Lawson, Grant Grant Lawson Lawson Law, LLC WY
Lenamon, Terence Terence Lenamon Lenamon Law, PLLC FL
Lipman, Louise Louise Lipman Psychodramatist NY
Logan, Tyson Tyson Logan The Spence Law Firm, LLC WY
Low, Joey Joey Low The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low, IV CA
Lucareli, Steve Steve Lucareli Lucareli Law Offices, LLC WI
Malarcik, Donald Donald Malarcik Gorman, Malarcik & Pierce OH
Malling, Karl Karl Malling Karl E. Malling, Attorney at Law WA
Malone, Adam Adam Malone Malone Law Office, P.C. GA
Marrinan, Mike Mike Marrinan Law Offices of Michael R. Marrinan CA
McLain, Patrick Patrick McLain Law Office of Patrick J McLain, PLLC TX
Metier, T. Thomas T. Thomas Metier Metier Law Firm, LLC CO
Mindlin, Suzie Suzie Mindlin Mindlin Law Office CA
Mitchell, Max Max Mitchell Missouri State Public Defender MO
Montes, Rachel Rachel Montes Montes Law Group  TX
Mueller, Mark Mark Mueller Mueller Law Offices TX
Mullen, Corinne Corinne Mullen The Mullen Law Firm NJ
Mungo, Frank Frank Mungo Frank M. Mungo Attorney at Law KY
Naizby, John John Naizby Naizby Law Firm CT
Nugent, Jim Jim Nugent Nugent & Bryant CT
Nugent, Julia Julia Nugent Nugent & Bryant CT
Nugent, Susan Susan Nugent Murphy, Murphy & Nugent L.L.C. CT
O'Connell, Michael Michael O'Connell The O'Connell Law Firm, PC CO
Orchard, Mel Mel Orchard The Spence Law Firm WY
Ortiz, Ginger Ginger Ortiz Law Office of Ginger T. Ortiz CA
O'Sullivan, Laura Laura O'Sullivan Missouri State Public Defender's Office MO Laura.O'
Parris, Ashley Ashley Parris Inner City Law Center CA
Parris, R. Rex R. Rex Parris R. Rex Parris Law Firm CA
Peck, Shaun Shaun Peck Peck Hadfield Baxter & Moore, LLC UT
Ponvert, Antonio Antonio Ponvert Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, PC CT
Porter, Grover Grover Porter Attorney at Law CA
Rasberry, John John Rasberry Psychodramatist MS
Ratinoff, Eric Eric Ratinoff Eric Ratinoff Law Group CA
Reeves, Gregory Gregory Reeves The Reeves Law Firm AL
Richardson, Charles Chuck Richardson Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC OK
Rodriguez, Daniel Daniel Rodriguez Rodriguez & Assoc. CA
Rubenstein, Andy Andy Rubenstein D. Miller & Associates TX
Russell, Marjorie Marjorie Russell MARJury Consulting MI
Savo, Kim Kim Savo Federal Public Defender CA
Schiffer, Joshua Joshua Schiffer ChancoSchifferOlson LLC GA
Schmidt, Eddie Eddie Schmidt Edmund J. Schmidt, Attorney at Law TN
Shickich, R. Michael R. Michael Shickich Attorney at Law WY
Shively, Robert Robert Shively Rob Shively, PC WY
Short, Cyndy Cyndy Short The McCallister Law Firm MO
Slater, Vicki Vicki Slater Attorney at Law MS
Sloan, John John Sloan The Sloan Firm TX
Smith, David David Smith David D. Smith, PC OK
Spence, Gerry Gerry Spence Founder, Trial Lawyer's College WY
Spence, Kent Kent Spence The Spence Law Firm WY
Stackhouse, Phillip Phillip Stackhouse Phil Stackhouse, Attorney CA
Stanga, Alonzo "Lonnie" Alonzo "Lonnie" Stanga Stanga & Mustian, PLC LA
Stapleton, Edward Edward Stapleton Ed Stapleton, Lawyer TX
Taussig, Deborah Deborah Taussig Deborah L Taussig LLC CO
Torres-Guillen, Sylvia Sylvia Torres-Guillen Agricultural Labor Relations Board CA
Traynor, Mike Mike Traynor Psychodramatist NY
Trine, Bill Bill Trine Retired CO
Trundy, Christopher Christopher Trundy Law Offices of Christopher Trundy MA
Turek, Kenneth Kenneth Turek Turek Law PC CA
Tyrone, Nelson Nelson Tyrone Tyrone Law Firm, P.C. GA
Ulmer, G. Bryan G. Bryan Ulmer The Spence Law Firm WY
Valentine, Anne Anne Valentine Leeseberg & Valentine OH
Vallee, J. Michael J. Michael Vallee Law Office of J. Michael Vallee CA
Vickery, Andy Andy Vickery Justice Seekers TX
Vincent, John John Vincent Vincent Law Office WY
Vitz, Tony Tony Vitz Lawyer TX
Vokey, Colby Colby Vokey Law Firm of Colby Vokey PC TX
Vourlis, Simina Simina Vourlis The Law Offices of Simina Vourlis OH
Wagner, Mark Mark Wagner Law Office of Mark C. Wagner WA
Wallace, Luke Luke Wallace Humphreys, Wallace, Humphreys, PC OK
Westfall, Greg Greg Westfall Attorney at Law TX
Zehawi, Zaki Zaki Zehawi San Diego Office of the Alternate Public Defender CA
Zelbst, John John Zelbst John P. Zelbst Law Firm OK