The Trial Lawyers College condemns the policy of The Trump Administration in the criminal arrest of adults at our borders who are seeking political asylum, resulting in the automatic and forced separation from their minor children. We also condemn the automatic and forced separation of children from their parents who have been charged with a misdemeanor for illegal entry into the United States. We condemn transporting these minor children to detention facilities, foster homes, or to other states apart from their parents.  We condemn the inept record-keeping which reportedly has failed to confirm where these minor children are housed, further jeopardizing a timely reunification with their parents. We condemn denying innocent persons seeking asylum in America their right to prove they are the victim of past persecution or that they have a well-founded fear of future prosecution in their countries of origin.

The Trial Lawyers College supports the efforts of organizations assisting such families. In the statement, is a list detention centers, by state, as well as organizations for our graduates and others to work with in order to assist in ending this national crisis–a callous blight on the America we love and honor. To determine if there is a detention center in your jurisdiction, see the chart in downloadable and viewable PDF below.

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Please email Laurie Goodman with Questions or Concerns.

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