“I win because I’m the person who cares the most in the courtroom, not because I know the most.”

This week’s podcast features Kiesha Cannon, a captivating voice for the vulnerable and the accused, who shares her insight into the simple secrets behind effective communication and connection both in and out of the courtroom. Drawing from her equally-inspiring personal and professional journeys, Kiesha provides a stark reminder of the importance of living authentically and listening with an open heart.

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Episode Guest, Lakiesha “Kiesha” Cannon

Kiesha Cannon began her career over a decade ago as an assistant public defender in Miami’s specialized Domestic Violence Courts. Representing people accused of crimes every day with hundreds of clients in her division over her tenure gave her a unique insight into the nature and litigation of domestic, family, criminal, and civil cases. Here, she learned that stories often have more than two-sides; it takes a keen open-minded ear to hear them all.

After leaving the Miami public defender’s office, Kiesha went into private practice, where she remains today. While in practice as a private attorney she has prepared and tried many cases in Florida’s criminal and civil courts. Her experience extends from criminal first-degree felony cases, immigration cases, vivid complex products liability cases, and more. The level of the case does not matter to her, the goal is always the same; to use her gifts, talents, and training to help people.

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