“The whole point of psychodrama is to tell the story, and the ways that lawyers have incorporated this method to tell their client’s story with such love and interest and time and attention is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever seen another human being give another human being.”

This week’s podcast continues our ‘Words Matter’ series with Jody Anderson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Psychodramatist, who shares her personal and professional insight into the impact of language on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a trial lawyer’s clients. The daughter of beloved TLC Psychodramatist Kathie St. Clair, Jody follows in her mother’s footsteps with a moving exploration of the power of authenticity and spontaneity in establishing a positive attorney-client relationship.

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Episode Guest, Jody Anderson, LCSW

Jody Anderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 20 years’ experience treating substance abuse, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. She served as Program Director at Avenues for Recovery for more than 10 years before opening her own practice. Jody’s therapeutic philosophy is rooted in compassion and fortitude. She begins every therapeutic relationship by acknowledging the commonality of our experiences and the universal nature of the struggles we all face. She seeks to infuse her work with a recognition that we are all fellow travelers.

As a therapist, Jody believes that the path to healing is wide. She employs her own experiences and struggles to relate to each patient. She relies upon training and her clinical expertise to empower her patients and guide them toward insights and lasting change. Jody uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to identify and clarify core issues. Although her training and education are extensive, her empathy, compassion, and sincerity are genuine and are a response to her recognition that, “what is done to the least of us is done to all of us.”

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