“How do you know that words matter? You know because they make you feel something.”

In this continuation of our podcast series titled Words Matter, Los Angeles Public Defender Kim Savo shares her insight into the connection between poetry and the presentation of a compelling opening statement.

A wordsmith by nature and a passionate advocate for the accused, Kim stresses the importance of emphasizing the emotion behind a story, rather than leaning on the facts, to move jurors to justice. Staying true to the TLC methods, her moving discussion with host Rafe Foreman offers a refreshing look at the artistry behind a trial lawyer’s words.

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Episode Guest, Kim Savo

Kim Savo graduated from the TLC 3-Week College Program in 2008 and joined the TLC Faculty Team in 2010. Savo is a trial deputy at the Federal Public Defender for the Central District of California. Now in her fourteenth year as a public defender, Kim represents indigent criminal defendants in a wide range of cases from bank robbery and drug trafficking to complex white-collar fraud and sexual exploitation of minors.

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