“As advocates in the courtroom, the truth carries the day, and we have the obligation to seek the truth, to speak the truth, and to correct lies and misstatements when they’re in violation of the truth.”

In this first installment of our four-part series titled ‘Words Matter’, host Rafe Foreman takes the mic to introduce the why behind this pressing topic. Why do words matter? What do words, particularly falsehoods, have the power to do? This timely episode, inspired by the recent events at our nation’s Capitol, explores each of those questions and more.

While Rafe doesn’t have a straightforward solution to America’s rising issue of weaponized misinformation, his words serve to encourage further thought, discussion, and personal accountability among those who hold the highest obligation to promote the truth.

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Episode Guest, S. Rafe Foreman

Rafe Foreman has been training lawyers and future lawyers for almost his entire career. He has over 31 years of experience practicing law, including criminal defense, plaintiff’s personal injury, malpractice, civil rights, employment, discrimination, wrongful death, and excessive force cases. He also serves as an expert witness in various aspects of the law.

Rafe has tried cases all over America and has trained lawyers in various places around the world. He is completing his book on Voir Dire called Communication Energy: Decoding Voir Dire. A trial master in his field of trial advocacy, Rafe enjoys the barrister role and is a strong advocate for his clients. He is back to the full-time practice of law and trying cases.

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