“We help the people that have been neglected, left out, and desperate, and we give them life when everybody else has left them for dead.”

In this first installment of our four-part series titled ‘What Do Trial Lawyers Do?’ TLC graduate and faculty member Patrick McLain shares the intricacies, peculiarities, and triumphs of being a military trial lawyer. Hosted by Rafe Foreman, this engaging and informative dive into military law guides listeners through its unique structure and the ways in which it compares to other areas of the legal system.

As a military law attorney with an impressive track record representing military members, Patrick connects these topics with the Trial Lawyers College methods and the turbulent atmosphere of 2020. By bringing his story full-circle, Patrick’s insight epitomizes what both TLC and the legal career are all about: loyalty, community, and connection no matter what life throws our way.

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Episode Guest, Patrick McLain

Patrick McLain Headshot

Attorney Patrick J. McLain is a former U.S. Marine Corps military judge. He has practiced military law and criminal defense since 1990 where his first jury trials were held in Saudi Arabia deserts during both operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Patrick’s government service ended with his work as a federal prosecutor in Dallas, Texas, where he served in the general federal crime and computer crime sections.

Patrick McLain is home based in Dallas, where he also handles cases in both Texas and federal criminal defense matters and in federal courts throughout the U.S. Patrick also has a worldwide military law practice; representing servicemembers in courts-martial, administrative discharge boards, officer misconduct matters, and physical evaluation boards, as well a great variety of administrative military matters.

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