“The newspaper quoted, ‘the defendant hugged his lawyer after the verdict was read.’ That’s the relationship we had, and you only get there by caring about your client.”

In this week’s episode, TLC graduate and faculty member Jerry Bosch guides host Rafe Foreman through the ways in which the TLC methods helped obtain a not guilty verdict on an attempted murder charge, detailing the months he invested in discovering the story and innocence of his client.

As you listen to this captivating podcast, you’ll hear Jerry describe the value of the listening exercise in regard to an adverse witness. Jerry involves psychodramatic tools and techniques in this case to gain understanding from all sides, skillfully complementing this with improvisation methods to interview and cross the adverse witness. A true testimony to the success of TLC, Jerry’s thoughtful and reflective journey to not guilty is a learning experience for us all.

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Episode Guest, Jerry Bosch

Jerry Bosch is a Wyoming-based trial lawyer and trial consultant with extensive experience handling criminal defense and plaintiff personal injury cases. A valued member of the TLC faculty, Jerry has been teaching trial skills to lawyers worldwide at the Trial Lawyers College for over ten years. He has a Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy and is dedicated to representing individuals who have suffered at the hands of big corporations or placed under the thumb of the government.


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