In this week’s podcast, host Rafe Foreman takes you on a journey through the essential TLC Trial Skills, from voir dire through to closing argument. Gain insights on how best to integrate TLC’s groundbreaking methods into your case as Rafe describes the how and why of the various skills and methods.

Listen as Rafe takes two jurors on a carefully guided path toward cause. Learn from the wisdom of Helen Simotas as her quote about “seeing” brings light and understanding to this program. Feel the tension between inclusion and exclusion, and carve your own path up that steep grade. Engage yourself on a deeper level and feel the emotions as you listen to the sage wisdom of Don Clarkson and explore the depths of who you are or want to be. Learn the difference between cockiness and humble confidence as you shake your core to embrace new and exciting opportunities.

Rafe graduated from TLC in 2002 and joined the faculty that same year. He has served on the F Warrior Alumni Board and the TLC Board of Directors.

TLC seminars return this fall with October seminars on Cross-Examination and Voir Dire, and continue in December with Discover the Story of Your Case.

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Episode Guest, S. Rafe Foreman

Rafe Foreman has been training lawyers and future lawyers for almost his entire career. He has continued to practice as a trial lawyer for over 31 years. He has extensive experience practicing law, including criminal defense, plaintiff’s personal injury, malpractice, civil rights, employment, discrimination, wrongful death, and excessive force cases.

He also serves as an expert witness in various aspects of the law. Rafe has tried cases all over America and has trained lawyers in various places around the world. He is completing his book on Voir Dire called Communication Energy: Decoding Voir Dire. Rafe is a trial master in his field of trial advocacy. He is back to the full-time practice of law and trying cases. Rafe enjoys the barrister role and is a strong advocate for his clients.

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