“When you walk into a courtroom with TLC training…you’re exactly what the jury doesn’t expect a lawyer to be. You’re a human being, and there is a common bond, and walls coming down between jurors and TLC-trained lawyers.”

In this week’s podcast, host Rafe Foreman talks to TLC faculty member and former F Warrior Alumni Board member Ron Estefan. In this wide-ranging interview, Ron discusses the strength of the F Warrior alumni organization and its efforts to keep TLC graduates engaged, active, and involved through the development of TLC regional programs, local working groups, TLC’s Warrior Magazine, and many other efforts.

“It is so TLC to not let things keep us from what’s most important to us, which is finding a way to connect with each other for the benefit of our clients,” Ron says. He describes how the powerful in-person methods of TLC drove faculty and staff to look for creative ways to carry those methods forward into the virtual learning environment necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have been training hundreds – literally hundreds – of TLC alumni in recent weeks in virtual refreshers, and the results are terrific. We can’t wait to extend it to a full-length seminar in our virtual regionals this fall.”

TLC’s fall virtual seminars kick off in October with courses on Cross-Examination and Voir Dire and round out with Discover the Story of Your Case in December.

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Episode Guest, Ron Estefan

Ron Estefan is a skilled attorney with a focus on personal injury law in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. At The Estefan Firm, P.C., Ron and his team are dedicated to representing injured individuals against the person or organization that caused their injury. Too often, the negligence of others can change our lives in terrible ways. Ron’s goal is to make the world a little more fair, and to ensure that his clients are able to recuperate as much of their losses after an injury as possible.

Ron attended TLC in 2005, where he learned what it really meant to be a lawyer for the people. Ron is proud to fight for the “Davids” of this world against the Goliaths.

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