Milton Grimes is a true American treasure. He is perhaps best known for his representation of Rodney King, whose savage beating at the hands of police, followed by the acquittal of the officers involved, sparked the 1991 LA riots. In addition to being a long-time TLC faculty member and serving on the TLC board of directors, Milton is still a very active community activist for freedom and civil rights for all. He recently marched in California with his daughter to show support for those who have been oppressed and killed with a knee in their neck.

Milton decries racism and cites a recent statement signed by all nine justices of the Washington Supreme Court challenging the legal community to take concerted action in supporting racial justice.

Milton provides an inside look into the long-standing problem of disparate treatment while in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. This interview is a message of hope from a battle-scarred and true warrior for justice. Beneath his armor, you will find a heart as big as the sky. Tune in for the magic of Milton Grimes.

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Episode Guest, Milton C. Grimes

Milton C. Grimes is a nationally acclaimed trial lawyer and counselor with over 43 years of trial experience. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from West Virginia State University in 1967. After being heavily recruited by North America Rockwell, he moved to Orange County in 1967 to begin his professional career as a computer programmer.

Embroiled with the struggle for civil rights during the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, Milton believed that he could do more for his community by becoming an attorney and civil rights advocate to fight the social injustice and disparate treatment of people of color. In 1973, he received his Juris Doctor from Hastings College of Law and has been a member of the California Bar since 1974. In his years of practice as a trial attorney, Mr. Grimes has tried over three hundred (300) civil and criminal jury trials. More than fifty (50) of which have been murder trials and eight (8) have been death penalty trials.

During his illustrious career, Mr. Grimes has successfully tried several high profile cases, including Rodney King v. The City of Los Angeles civil rights/police brutality lawsuit. Mr. Grimes is a consummate advocate for the underrepresented and has been directly involved in the empowerment of historically disenfranchised voters through a series of several recent suits against cities throughout California for their blatant violations of the California Voters Rights Act.

His mastery of the law, coupled with his eloquence in public speaking, have led to Mr. Grimes serving as keynote speaker, lecturer, and panelist at a number of trial lawyer conferences, law schools, community organizations, and fundraising events.  He has served on the staff of the Trial Lawyers College for over 22 years.

As one of the nation’s premier trial lawyers in criminal and civil cases, Mr. Grimes has tried cases in several of the fifty United States, including California, Arizona, Hawaii, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oregon, and Washington.  He has also been recognized for his achievements as an outstanding legal professional and valued member of the community.

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