“No one can put my fire out but me. And I choose not to put my fire out. And our group has chosen not to put our fire out. Instead we have chosen to continue to use our fire to light other fires.”

Host Rafe Foreman talks with TLC alumni and faculty member Ashley Parris (TLC 2008) about how TLC alumni and faculty are developing innovative working and teaching methods to cope with and transcend the challenges of recent months. Ashley joined the faculty team of the Trial Lawyers College in 2017, and in this episode describes how she connected with other TLC faculty and alumni to process individual and collective anxiety and stress, and how the group was inspired to reach out and help others.

“Whose hand is on your shoulder? Whose shoulder is your hand on?” Ashley asks. “This is the time to reach out to those people.”

“We have all felt rejected and excluded at some point. When we drill down to the feeling and the emotions that sit behind it, everyone can relate to that. And that’s the place that you need to get to. And that’s why this work is so valuable. And that’s why we keep practicing it, and why we’re determined to keep it alive to teach it to others.”

Included in this Episode

  • How psychodramatic methods can translate to a virtual environment.
  • How to cultivate connections to sustain you through difficult times.

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Episode Guest, Ashley Parris


Ashley Parris is a trial lawyer, mother, Harry Potter enthusiast, chef, chauffeur, healer of boo-boos, and a great lover of food and wine.  She is passionate about the science and advocacy of pain syndrome cases.  She lives and practices in Ojai, California.

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