“We are in fact stone catchers. People are stoning the people that we work for – our clients – and we’re there to catch those stones and stop them, and let them be seen as people and treated like they ought to be.”

In this timely episode, host Rafe Foreman talks with TLC alumni and faculty member Caroline Durham (TLC Sept 2014) about the stone catcher’s path. Caroline uses her wit and wisdom in sharing her perspective that we are vibrational beings and how we can reach across time and distance to relate to one another. “We are never really separated from one another unless we choose to be,” Caroline says.

Caroline’s concept of “Sacred Friends” (they’re not who you think!) will cause you to ponder your next move.

Included in this Episode

  • How to shift your perspective on personal pain.
  • The health benefits of avoiding speculative conversations.

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Episode Guest, Caroline Durham

Caroline Durham is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 20 years of criminal defense experience. Her decision to become a criminal defense lawyer stemmed from a commitment to providing services to those facing criminal charges and understanding their story. Caroline’s focus is serving clients facing serious felonies.

She lives and practices in Atlanta, Georgia.

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