“The College will always have that psychodramatic underpinning, that self-discovery and true knowledge of self, coupled with love,  the most powerful thing there is. You can be who you are and be powerful. You don’t have to be anybody else. You are enough.”

TLC Board member JR Clary talks openly with host Rafe Foreman about story and its importance. “A story must be told in a way that allows the listener to understand that from my own human experience I can connect to the story you are telling. It awakens within me feelings of, for example, betrayal, or hurt or pain or immense joy. And because your story is awakening that feeling within me, we are like two piano strings that once one has been struck, the other resonates.”

JR has served on the Board of Directors for the Trial Lawyers College since 2010 and currently serves as the TLC Treasurer. JR is a faculty leader at TLC’s December regional seminar, Discover the Story of Your Case, in New Orleans.

Included in this Episode

  • How story can connect two people who have never met and seemingly have nothing in common
  • How discovering the truth of a case requires you to first be honest with yourself

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Episode Guest, James R. “JR” Clary, Jr.

James R. Clary has been a trial lawyer for over thirty years. Representing clients in courtrooms all across the country is the only thing that he has ever wanted to do in his professional life.

JR is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although he has traveled extensively, he has never wanted to leave Baton Rouge. He opened his own law firm in February of 1993 and has always represented ordinary folks and small businesses – usually against the bigger guys. For over thirty years, his practice has focused upon plaintiff personal injury matters, commercial litigation, criminal defense, and representing lawyers, doctors, nurses, and other professionals in matters involving hearings with their governing boards. During this period of time, he has also been pleased to assist his clients in family courts and in moving through the legal situations that often face ordinary people.

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