Episode 5: Attorney David Gutierrez Talks About Courage & the Power of Listening

“So I just felt that the case was over. I wanted things to go away. I felt defeated. I remember I felt I thought, all of these people that talk about trial, talk about this, that being faced with this situation is just overwhelming. But they stay true and honest with their case and win or lose, they fight for their client. And I said that’s what I’m going to do. And I did. From one witness to another.”

Dead case? Lying Client? David Gutierrez, TLC Grad and criminal defense lawyer in San Diego, California took a closer look in this case and found the truth. We got the chance to talk with him about his hung jury win in this interview. This is his first trial using the TLC Methods from end to end. We talk about the source of true courage, the power of listening and what David did to get this incredible result.

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Interviewing David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez graduated from TLC’s 3-Week College in September of 2014. He has been practicing law since 1995 where he got his degree at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. David specializes in personal injury and criminal defense. Before opening his own office, Mr. Gutierrez was an associate at a criminal defense firm where he gained extensive experience in defending clients charged with a wide variety of Federal and State crimes. 

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