Episode 49: Maryland Grad, Ian Anthony on the Disparity Between Law School and Trial Lawyers College 

“When I got to law school, I felt it to be very rigid. There is a system of scoring people, a system for questioning students, and a system for instruction; it felt very boxed-in like law school was gearing you up to be a competitive, book smart, lawyer-robot.” – Ian Anthony, 2016 TLC Graduate

Ian Anthony is our guest in this episode of the Trial Lawyers College Podcast. In this episode, we talk about how TLC differs from law school and why these differences are so important for trial lawyers. Ian Anthony is a 2016 July Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and has attended several TLC courses since. He teaches trial advocacy in Maryland, is the head coach for the trial team, and also practices as a public defender to indigents in Howard County, Maryland.

Included in this Episode

  • The importance of teaching trial advocacy
  • Giving law school students a different perspective on learning the law
  • What it means to be a trial lawyer
  • Why the TLC methods so important in the “teaching methods”

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Interviewing Ian Anthony

Ian Anthony graduated from the Maryland Law School in 2013 and decided it was important for him to get training from the Trial Lawyers College so he attended the 3-Week College in 2016. He has since developed a better understanding of what it means to be a trial lawyer and now teaches advocacy at The University of Maryland School of Law and is the lead coach of the trial team.
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