Episode 42: Birth Injury Attorney, Nelson Tyrone on Incorporating Psychodrama

“If I represent the child, I will speak as the unborn child. I will speak in first person at some point, to the jury, what is happening in the womb, what I am feeling, that I know something is going wrong, and how terrified I am.”- Nelson Tyrone (’00 TLC Grad & Faculty Member)

In this episode, I talk with Nelson Tyrone, famed birth injury lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia, who graduated from TLC in 2000 and joined the faculty the year following. Nelson vocalizes his connections with a birth injury and what makes what he does so rewarding. He also talks about how he uses psychodrama in his everyday life and in every case he takes. This episode is extremely powerful because while we were talking, Nelson used a fundamental TLC skill; vulnerability. I hope you enjoy this conversation and keep listening to our episodes.

Included in this Episode

  • Statistics on birth injury in the United States
  • The types of cases Nelson takes
  • Nelson’s connection with Birth Injury
  • The TLC methods Nelson uses on a day to day bases in every case
  • The impact of vulnerability while incorporating Psychodrama

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Interviewing Nelson Tyrone

power of story

Nelson graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2000 and has been on the TLC Faculty since 2001. Nelson now devotes his practice to the area of Plaintiff’s Birth Injury Trial work in Atlanta, Georgia. He has practiced for a number of years with the pre-eminent criminal defense firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C., in Atlanta, and defended clients in a wide variety of major felony and white collar cases in both state and federal court. He has also worked for Butler, Wooten P.C., in Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia where he worked primarily in the areas of auto products liability and medical malpractice. He is now a sole practitioner in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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