Episode 29: TLC Faculty, Connie Henderson on Medical Malpractice

“The most important thing to be able to represent people in these cases is to have access to medical practitioners who are willing to testify in medical negligence cases and that can be extremely hard. One thing we really spend a lot of time on is building relationships with expert witnesses who are willing to review the cases and tell us if there is a viable case.”  – Connie Henderson, 2001 TLC Grad & Faculty Member

Connie Henderson, a trial lawyer in Washington State and TLC Faculty Co-Leader at the Cross Examination Seminar in Leavenworth WA, talks about the challenges of medical malpractice cases and how to overcome them.

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Interviewing Connie Henderson

A Pacific Northwest native, Connie was raised in a small town in central Idaho and has lived throughout the Pacific Northwest for her entire life. Her practice is dedicated to representing people who have suffered major damages as a result of the negligence of others. She has been involved in numerous multi-million dollar personal injury and medical malpractice cases, and she remains committed to achieving verdicts and settlements that will help her clients rebuild their lives.

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