Episode 28: Eric Fong on Work/Life Balance and Details of Cross Examination

“I want to put a big dent into the credibility of the defendants, of the lawyers, of the witness. I want to show that they are not coming into the courtroom with integrity.. I want to prove my case through their witness. Me putting on my witness to describe the case isn’t nearly as compelling as their witness to prove my case.”  – Eric Fong, 2001 Grad & TLC Faculty Member

Eric Fong, TLC faculty Co-leader for the upcoming Cross Examination Seminar, talks about the details of an effective cross examination – the goals, and the how-tos of the trial skill. He then goes into the daily work of a lawyer and the difficult task most lawyers face when it comes to balancing work and personal life, the best ways to spend your time as a lawyer and what holds many attorneys back.

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Interviewing Eric Fong

medical malpractice caseEric graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2001 and is now a solo practitioner out of Port Orchard, Washington. Eric started his career 18 years ago doing mostly public defense work. Thanks to TLC, there really isn’t a case he won’t do, so long as he is motivated to help that person. Today, most of Eric’s work is civil, and he is lucky in that he works with a number of tremendous lawyers in significant cases. Through all of these experiences, Eric has learned a tremendous amount about how to try cases and he enjoys the opportunity on TLC’s faculty to pass these lessons along to other trial lawyers.

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