Episode 27: Ron Estefan on the Currency of Credibility in the Courtroom

“A lot of people have this sense that the voir dire is almost like a throwaway part of a trial. You get up there talk to these jurors, and some people just throw up their hands and say ‘we’re not going to learn anything from these jurors, they’re not going to share with us anything that matters what we are doing here’ and that notion can become prevalent if you allow it to. I overcame this by watching others who were using the TLC Methods and actually being apart of them doing it. I could see the quantum shift of how a voir dire should be done. It was like night and day.” – Ron Estefan, 2005 TLC Grad & Faculty Member

In this interview, Ron Estefan (TLC ’05) Houston-based personal injury trial lawyer and TLC faculty member talks about the importance of credibility in the courtroom. He describes how to build credibility, how to use it — and how you can lose it — and how it is essential during Voir Dire and all other interactions with the jury as you fight for justice for your client.

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Interviewing Ron Estefan

Ron Estefan is a sole practitioner and Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, Texas with the Estefan Firm, PC. He is a former President of the F Warrior Alumni Group and long-time faculty member. He went to his first Trial Lawyers College seminar in February 2004 and then graduated in July 2005. Ron is well-known for his soft-spoken but relatable approach as he teaches the TLC methods nationwide. His personal injury trial law practice in Houston, Texas centers around the people he gets to represent, their stories and how some event re-wrote the story of their lives in some way they did not plan or even see coming. 

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