Episode 24: Kim Benjamin on the Fundamental Skills to Help Trial

“The more I attended the Trial Lawyers College, the more I was able to find those tools that helped me really develop the story and develop the defense, and then I was just thrilled and excited to go to trial in a criminal case because I found myself feeling so confident in my clients story and being able to present a defense and the same is now true in the civil work I have been doing lately. Through the Trial Lawyers College experience and learning how to use the psychodramatic tools we learn through the college, I am learning how get a better story from my client and bring the story alive and I’m learning how to transition that into the courtroom.” – Kim Benjamin, 2000 TLC Grad & Faculty Member

Kim Benjamin, trial lawyer and TLC faculty co-leader of the 2017 Psychodrama for Lawyers Seminar, discusses how to gain the trust of clients and how to work with their families in a way that strengthens your case. She also talks about the fundamental skill of listening and how this can help you in every phase of your trials by better understanding where everyone involved in your case is coming from, including the jury, the prosecution, the judge and your client, and it can give you the edge that will help you win the case.

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Interviewing Kim Benjamin

Kim is a trial lawyer at the Benjamin Law Firm, where after serving many years as a public defender, she now practices in the areas of criminal defense, DWI defense, personal injury for plaintiffs and employment discrimination for employees. She has had more than 60 jury trials, 100 bench trials and has handled hundreds of serious felonies. Kim received the Atticus Finch award from her peers at MACDL for demonstrating high moral and ethical standards for defending unpopular causes or clients. Kim serves on the faculty for the National College of DUI Defense, as well as the faculty of the Trial Lawyers College.

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