Episode 22: Greg Westfall, Criminal Defense Lawyer and TLC Faculty, on Racism and Victimhood in America

“When you grow up with it around you, it’s very easy to fall into those thoughts of racism and never be able to get out. You have to evolve. And being a trial lawyer forces me and others to evolve. Doing what we do at TLC has forced me to evolve. Like I said in the article, I am not perfect, but I’m trying. I can tell you that if we all tried, if we all seriously tried, then this situation is really solved at that point. As long as we are putting forth good faith effort on being better human beings, but for a while, it really did seem like we didn’t have to try anymore that it was going to be ok, but people have backed away from that already.” – Greg Westfall, 2002 Grad & Faculty Member 

Greg Westfall, criminal defense lawyer and TLC faculty member, discusses racism and victim-hood in America, and how it affects your clients, your juries and your law practice.  With these elements in mind, he helps us think about what we can do, as trial lawyers, to better understand our juries.

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Interviewing Greg Westfall

Greg lives and practices law in Fort Worth, Texas at Westfall Sellers Attorneys. He graduated from the inaugural TLC Death Penalty Seminar in 2001, and then from the 3-week College in 2002. He has been on TLC’s faculty since 2005. Greg’s practice was strictly criminal (with 15 years of death penalty work) until 2010 and it is now 50/50 criminal and civil, with emphasis on complex litigation in both worlds. He is married to Mollee and together they have two children. He is also a published writer, songwriter, and photographer.

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