Episode 15: Attorney Josh Schiffer on What Lawyering is Supposed to Look Like

“Shaking loose the terrible methods taught in law school for direct examination was a giant benefit for me from TLC. It’s by practicing this stuff that you get comfortable with it and is now much more second nature for me. I don’t even remember how to do some of the bad directs and cross-examinations that they taught in law school because you just get rid of it in your brain. You realize direct examination is nothing but a conversation with a direction. – Josh Schiffer, 2007 TLC Graduate

How to get rid of your confidence issues and shake loose from your preconceived notions of what a lawyer “should” sound and look like. In this interview, Josh Schiffer, Trial Lawyers College Faculty at the March 2-5 Direct Examination Seminar, fantastic lawyer and incredible teacher, goes into what it takes to break free from what is holding you back and make it happen in the courtroom.

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Interviewing Joshua Schiffer

Joshua G. Schiffer graduated from the Trial Lawyers College 3-Week program in 2007 and served as a member on the F Warrior Alumni Board. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Georgia State University College of Law in 2002 and began his career as a clerk in the superior court of Cobb County, transitioned into real estate and eventually gravitated towards trial work as a senior trial attorney for the Metro Conflict Defender and Georgia Public Defender Standards Council. During this period, Mr. Schiffer trained numerous attorneys in complex trial techniques and was the senior trial attorney for several judges.

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