Episode 12: The Importance of Perspective with Rafe Foreman

“I realized from the very first moment I stepped foot on the Trial Lawyers College campus that I was not being accurately perceived. In other words maybe it’s accurate for the person that’s perceiving me, but it’s not accurate in the way that I want to be perceived. In the very first moments of TLC, I realized something, and now teach all of my students this, the main skill you need to have as a successful Trial Lawyer is to accurately perceive how others are perceiving you.” – Rafe Foreman, 2002 TLC Graduate & Faculty Member

This is an interview with Rafe Foreman, trial lawyer, professor at UMKC Law School, and TLC Faculty Member since his graduation year in 2002. Rafe dives into a wide range of insights that go well beyond learning a specific method and he explains how important it is to investigate the core of what it really takes to win with the power of perspective.

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Interviewing Rafe Foreman

Rafe Foreman joined UMKC as the Douglas Stripp Dean’s Distinguished Professor and Director of Advocacy in 2011 after a distinguished career as a trial lawyer. He served as a litigation specialist, including criminal defense, plaintiff’s personal injury, civil rights, employment, discrimination, wrongful death, excessive force and 1983 actions. He has advanced education in psychology at Fielding University and at the National Psychodrama Training Center. Professor Foreman is a 2002 graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and now serves as a faculty member.


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