“You’ve got to understand who your audience is really is. What are the morals of your jury? Once you understand their morals and whether they’re liberal or conservative, and you tailor your opening statement towards that, you’re well on your way to getting the verdict that you want.”

In this episode of the TLC Podcast, host Rafe Foreman meets with Kentucky-based trial lawyer Frank Mungo to discuss his unique approach to storytelling to resonate with the judge and jury in a variety of criminal cases. Guiding listeners through the details of some of his most successful trials, Frank provides an insightful look at the personal values and political biases that can influence judges’ and jurors’ connections with our clients and the ultimate outcome of a case.

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Episode Guest, Frank Mungo

119 Frank Mungo Headshot minFrank M. Mungo is a creative, compassionate, and experienced criminal defense attorney who represents the accused in the state and federal courts of Ohio and Kentucky. Having completed doctoral studies in physics and engineering, Frank possesses a unique combination of being both a scientist and a seasoned trial lawyer, tied together with his neverending study of courtroom persuasion.



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