“There are people who do bad things, but I’ve never met anybody who I felt was just a bad person.”

Continuing our series on ‘Reconstructing Success,’ California Public Defender Emily Fisher explores the ways that trial lawyers can intentionally improve injustices and inefficiencies in the justice system. As she guides listeners through her blueprint to resolving these systemic issues, Emily provides a thought-provoking starting point for the empathic trial lawyer to fine-tune their advocacy for their clients and bring humanity back into the courtroom.

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Episode Guest, Emily Fisher

116 Emily Fisher headshotEmily Fisher is a passionate legal advocate with 17 years of Public Defender experience in California. She currently serves as a Deputy Public Defender for the Yolo County Public Defender’s Office.

Emily graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in September 2011 and has been on the faculty since 2019. She received her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and obtained her legal education at Santa Clara University School of Law.



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