“For me, getting this opportunity with this scholarship, the biggest thing is spreading the message to go and get the vaccine.”

On this week’s podcast, high school freshman Jack Lucchesi and his mother, Bridget Lucchesi, join host Rafe Foreman. Jack is one of the first ten winners selected in New York State’s College Scholarship raffle for vaccinated teens, and his mom Bridget is a clinical mental health therapist who has deep Trial Lawyers College connections. In addition to knowing Rafe since childhood, Bridget joined TLC for the Death Penalty seminar in 2010, and she studied with Zerka Moreno, wife of Jacob Levy Moreno, the inventor of psychodrama!

Rafe, Jack, and Bridget cover a variety of COVID-19-related topics during their conversation including Jack’s scholarship raffle win, how to combat and identify misinformation, how to deal with grief throughout the pandemic, and much more.

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Episode Guest, Jack Lucchesi and Bridget Lucchesi

Jack Lucchesi is a freshman at Victor High School in Victor, NY.

Bridget Lucchesi, Jack’s mother, is a LCSW, PC offering individual, couple, and family counseling sessions. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues (among other mental health-related issues), and works with patients to develop unique, individualized, evidence-based treatment plans to manage or resolve their symptoms.

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