“I decided that I should do something I don’t normally do, and that’s reverse roles with a defense attorney and try to figure out where they’re coming from and how their lives have changed. So, I was trying to get personally involved with defense attorneys, not just in the case but in their actual lives…”

On this week’s podcast, Conroe, TX trial attorney and TLC faculty member Paula Estefan joins host Rafe Foreman to discuss how she works with opposing counsel, the benefits of doing so, and how her approach to opposing counsel has changed over time. Through their conversation, Paula and Rafe also touch on the power of silence and listening, what endures about TLC’s methods, and the deep connections formed at the Trial Lawyers College.

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Episode Guest, Paula Estefan

paola estefan

Paula Elliott Estefan is a Conroe, Texas-based attorney at Elliot & Little who handles personal injury and medical malpractice cases throughout the state of Texas. For a good portion of her career, she has focused on plaintiff-based personal injury law, specifically on representing victims of electrocution accidents, unfair insurance practices, tire defects, 18 wheeler accidents, airplane crashes, and products liability.

Paula graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2006 and has been a faculty member of many Trial Lawyers College CLE programs since 2011 in addition to co-leading the Texas Regional for a number of years.

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