“There are some people who have not had an opportunity to represent a gay client or a member of a minority group, and there may be some biases there. Before proper representation can be done, I think that a person needs to sit with themselves and try to overcome those biases or really truthfully address them and see if they’re going to play into the case.”

This week’s podcast features Colorado attorney Sean Brown, who engages in a captivating conversation with host Rafe Foreman about navigating the touchy topic of sexuality when representing an LGBTQ client. Discussing the potential biases of judges, jury members, and even themselves as trial lawyers, Sean provides a vital perspective for attorneys to successfully uphold the rights of members of marginalized groups.

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Episode Guest, Sean Brown

Attorney Sean Brown, of Combs & Brown, LLC, is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and represents defendants facing criminal charges in Routt, Moffat, Grand, and Jackson Counties. He is also licensed to represent criminal defense clients in Alaska, Kentucky, Washington, and Illinois. For over 20 years, Mr. Brown has aggressively represented those charged by the state or federal government in a variety of matters ranging from misdemeanors to unclassified felonies.

In 2011, Mr. Brown attended the Trial Lawyers College and in 2015, he was invited to serve as teaching faculty at the college and has since helped staff numerous seminars in various locations around the country. In 2015, Mr. Brown was elected to be the President of the Alaska Trial Lawyers Association. He has also been admitted into the U.S. District Courts of Colorado, Northern District of Illinois, and Alaska.

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