“I want widows to know that once they have loved someone so deeply and been loved, it will come again. Nobody should live without love, and they don’t have to.”

This podcast features California attorney Samantha Berryessa, who continues our ‘Managing in Tough Times’ series with a moving account of her experience navigating grief before and after the 2019 death of her husband, attorney Dax Cowart.

A wrongful death lawyer by practice, Samantha gracefully highlights the parallels between her personal experience with grief and her perception of the grief of her widowed clients. Offering a unique glimpse into the turbulent inner world of a newly widowed woman, Samantha’s riveting testimony is essential listening for any trial lawyer who represents the bereaved.

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Episode Guest, Samantha Berryessa

Attorney Samantha Berryessa specializes in trademark law and wrongful death lawsuits. She represents her clients with compassion and fights for their rights with unwavering persistence and commitment, ever ready to be “On the Road to Justice!”

Very selective when it comes to clients, Berryessa said she only represents people she likes, and conversely, they have to like her. She believes that because the legal process can take a few years, the relationship they build together has to be on a foundation of trust and respect.

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