“We need to communicate with our eyes more, whether it’s to your spouse or the jury on voir dire or to your client.”

In this week’s episode of the TLC podcast, civil lawyer Chandler Loupe joins host Rafe Foreman in a contentious discussion around the unique challenges faced by trial lawyers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharing his experience as a trial attorney in one of the few regions that kept its courtroom doors open through 2020, Chandler provides a timely reminder of the value of looking into people’s eyes.

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Episode Guest, Chandler Loupe

J. Chandler Loupe brings years of experience and a successful track record to the litigation team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. His relentless aggressive approach to representing each individual client is his priority.

Practicing for over 28 years, Chandler has tried cases to successful jury verdicts in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Illinois. He has achieved many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements up to his largest case of $45 million. Ambitious, compassionate, and aggressive, Chandler’s winning attitude and success with jury trials make him an invaluable asset to the litigation department at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys.

Chandler received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and his Juris Doctorate from Tulane University. He is a frequent speaker on Trial techniques to organizations and audiences. As a graduate from the Trial Lawyers College, he was Elected to the Trial Lawyers College F Warriors Board of Directors.

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