Emily Detoto Hazelwood and Patrick DiBenedetto

Keep Your Tools Sharp and The Passion Fired Up at a TLC Grad Program

Emily Detoto (now Hazelwood!) has attended a TLC graduate course almost every year since her graduation in 2001. When asked if going every year is beneficial she said “We get to work on our cases with some of the best lawyers in the country. Once I learned that, I had to keep going back. This is good stuff!”

According to Emily, TLC Grad courses are different from the Regionals and the 3-week seminars as everyone is “selfish in a good way” and doesn’t waste any time acclimating to the ranch or mulling over what the experts consider the basics. Instead, grad courses are all about focusing 100% on studying the intricacies of what works and learning from each other, as well as from some of the best trial lawyers in the country.

Emily also praised TLC for being responsive with students who wish to discuss specific cases and also spoke highly of the environment that promotes exchange of ideas and even more study during the downtime between classes.

TLC’s grad courses help teach lawyers how to be honest and communicate with the jury on a personal level, without the usual communication gaps. Drawing from her TLC experience, Emily tells the jurors she’s facing that: “I’m human; it’s ok for them to be human.” She advises lawyers to “be genuine about everything” and don’t dismiss jurors who are inexperienced and/or awkward. After all, Capital murder is notoriously a hard subject to talk to the jury about, but lawyers should not be put off by the difficulty and should never alienate the jurors.

Emily believes that TLC is perfect for lawyers who feel “burned out”.  “You cannot leave a TLC function and not immediately just want to go out and change the world!”.

About Emily Detoto Hazelwood:

Emily is a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming and is the former host of “Legally Speaking,” on Channel 55, “The Tube.” Emily has frequently given legal commentary for Channel 26, Fox News and has been a faculty member for the Texas Criminal Trial College held in Huntsville, Texas for nearly 10 years. Additionally, in 2003 Ms. Detoto served as co-counsel in The State of Texas v. Clara Harris, also known as “The Mercedes Benz Murder,” and in 2011, served as Co-Counsel in the Polygamist Leader Trial, The State of Texas v. Warren Jeffs, and was recently featured on the popular hit series, “The First 48,” where Emily’s client was acquitted of capital murder. Emily has appeared on many other popular television shows such as, “Anderson Cooper,” “Good Morning America,” and “Inside Edition.

Join Mel Orchard, Phil Stackhouse, Kim Benjamin, Ken Turek and others.

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