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Alumni Board



2019 F Warrior Alumni Board nominations are March 1 - July 31. 

You can self-nominate or nominate another person, with their permission.  Nominations need to include a 1 paragraph explanation, sent to F Warrior President-Elect Jerry Perry at  (See attached PDF for more explanation)


There is one seat open in each of the following regions:
  • Region 2:  CA, HI, NV
  • Region 3:  WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM
  • Region 4:  TX
  • Region 5:  OK, AR, MS, LA, TN
  • Region 7:  WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, KY
  • Region 9:  PA, DL, DC, WV, VA, MD, NJ
  • Region 10:  NC, SC, GA, AL, FL, VI & PR


TLC Alumni are the heart and sole of our College! The F Warrior Alumni Board is an excellent way to represent your fellow alumni in your Region, and serve the College!
We are grateful, and thankful, for our F Warrior Alumni Board members and the work they do throughout the year to help the Trial Lawyers College continue to be successful!


*And, Happy 25th Birthday to TLC! Come join us to celebrate this milestone on the Thunderhead Ranch, August 18-20, 2019. RSVP Here:



F Warrior Alumni Board
Name Region City, State Email
 Sou Bounlutay (July 2014) 1 Seattle, WA
 Amanda Harber (September 2017) 1 Kenai, AK
 Ginger Ortiz (September 2011) 2 San Luis Obispo, CA 
 Steve Vosseller (July 2014) 2 San Diego, CA
 Alonso Zavalsoto (July 2018) 2 San Diego, CA
 Jessica Andrew (September 2017) 3 Salt Lake City, UT
 Robert Hommel (September 2012) 3 Scottsdale, AZ 
 Michael O'Connell (July 2011) 3 Golden, CO
 Emily Benight Thomas (July 2017) 3 Fort Collins, CO
 Cheryl Trine (July 2013) 3 Fort Collins, CO 
 Todd Kelly (July 2009) 4 Austin, TX 
 Patrick McLain (September 2012) 4 Dallas, TX
 David Hamel (September 2015) 5 Oklahoma City, OK
 Scott Webre (July 2009) 5 Lafayette, LA 
 John Carroll (July 2015) 6 Omaha, NE
 Pressley Henningsen (July 2015) 6 Cedar Rapids, IA
 Jerome Perry (July 2004) 6 Rochester, MN
 John Joyce (July 2016) 7 Chicago, IL
 Shawn Smith (September 2013) 7 Birmingham, MI
 Sarah Toney (September 2016) 7 Chicago, IL
 Del Weldon (July 2013) 7 Lawrenceburg, IN
 Andrew Delaney (September 2015) 8 Barre, VT
 Scott Strauss (September 2014) 8 Uniondale, NY
 Kathleen Shell (September 2015) 9 Pulaski, VA
 David Harak (July 2012) 9 Baltimore, MD
 Curtis Dickinson (September 2015) 10 Woodstock, GA
 Joshua Schiffer (July 2007) 10 Atlanta, GA