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The WARRIOR is TLC’s flagship publication. Through The WARRIOR, alums share discoveries and innovations using TLC methods. Readers stay connected to the College and take away new suggestions for incorporating TLC methods into their work. Stand in courtrooms all across the country with our graduates as they recount the use of our formidable method in action. Feel these experiences as you share the triumphs and ordeals related by the best trial lawyers in the world. Experience the touching narratives and poetry of our Tribe. Learn and grow from the reports of the work done by our Local Working Groups. Brainstorm with other Alums over what can be found in this singular and powerful publication. Discover the story in your own case and your place in it.

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The 2019 Fall Issue of The WARRIOR has hit the press!

This issue is dedicated to topics of Criminal Defense.


This month we are offering two FREE articles for download. Our feature is from Don Malarcik & Rick Kammen on why TLC voir dire is not incompatible with the Colorado Method of death penalty jury selection. 

  1. The Colorado Method of Death Penalty Jury Selection and TLC Voir Dire: Working Together to Save Lives - CLICK HERE to download
  2. Indigent Defense Challenge, Accepted: Louren Oliveros - CLICK HERE to download


Other articles available to subscribers include:

  • New F Warrior President's Message by Jerry Perry
  • Celebrating 25 Years of the Trial Lawyers College
  • A Meeting with Mother Earth by John C. Johnson
  • Truth, Trust and Justice: A Client's Perspective by Isaiah Thomas
  • Forensic Interviewing & Examination: Insights from Reversing Roles by Amanda Harber
  • Wounded by Sam Wooden
  • One Chapter in the Book of Your Life: TLC Warriors Share Why They Prosecuted, and What They Learned by Maren Chaloupka
  • The Universal Truth by Bill Trine
  • "Earning the Story": What Becoming a Litigant Taught Me About Communication with My Criminal Defense Clients by Diane Dragan
  • Inside the Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA - a Book Review by Angelica "Switchblade" Cogliano
  • Strength and Justice THrough Tribe and Team by Robert Wells & Joshua Shiffer
  • Indigent Defense Challenge Accepted: Morgan Ricketts by Morgan Ricketts
  • Hymn and Haw: Storytelling Through Music by Eric Ganci