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The WARRIOR is TLC’s flagship publication. Through The WARRIOR, alums share discoveries and innovations using TLC methods. Readers stay connected to the College and take away new suggestions for incorporating TLC methods into their work. Stand in courtrooms all across the country with our graduates as they recount the use of our formidable method in action. Feel these experiences as you share the triumphs and ordeals related by the best trial lawyers in the world. Experience the touching narratives and poetry of our Tribe. Learn and grow from the reports of the work done by our Local Working Groups. Brainstorm with other Alums over what can be found in this singular and powerful publication. Discover the story in your own case and your place in it.

The WARRIOR is one more way in which TLC alums teach and connect with each other – you can become part of that connection by subscribing, by reading, and by joining the ranks of alums who have written for this terrific publication. Please support The WARRIOR through your subscription, and through your own submissions for publication.


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The 2020 Winter Issue of The WARRIOR has hit the press!

This month we are offering two FREE articles for download. Our feature is from Betsy Greene on ways in which Warriors can impact the legislative process. 

  1. How to Change the World... Yes, Really: Effective Ways for Warriors to Impact the Legislative Process by Betsy Greene (July 2005)  - CLICK HERE to download
  2. The Revolution Will Not be Legislated by Shannah Kurland (Sept 2019) - CLICK HERE to download


Other articles available to subscribers include:

  • Message from the President - John Sloan
  • F Warrior Alumni Group President’s Message - Jerry Perry
  • Bending Toward Justice: My Role in Legislative Reform of Juvenile Justice and How TLC Helps - K.O. Berger
  • Lawyers and Advocates for Wyoming: Gerry Spence’s Commitment to Better Laws for Wyoming - Mel Orchard and Mark Aronowitz
  • Being the Change I Wished to See: My Service on City Council - Greg Reeves
  • The Revolution Will Not be Legislated - Shannah Kurland
  • The Long, Hard Road to Changing Louisiana’s Expungement Law - Thomas D. Davenport
  • Policy-Making the TLC Way - Ryan Else
  • Effective Advocacy and Lobbying to the Legislature: How I Learned, and How You Can Do It Too - Laurie Goodman
  • Creating a Statutory Path for Fair Compensation - SaraEllen Hutchison
  • The Last Bus Ride: Betrayal and the Legislative Process - Benjamin Cloward
  • What’s in a Name? Impact Through Political Office -Maria Tu
  • Lobbying for Immigration Change - Linda Nakamura
  • A Chance to Dry the Eyes of Those Who Weep - My Service in the Louisiana State Senate - Jody Amedee
  • A School “Bored”: Anything But - Rebecca Walsh
  • The Story of Your Case - Michael Miller - poem
  • Wyoming - Jante Lanagan - poem
  • Hymn and Haw: Storytelling Through Music - Eric Ganci