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Every quarterly issue of TLC’s The WARRIOR magazine puts you in touch with the backbone of The Trial Lawyers College and the hearts of our Alumni Tribe.

Stand in courtrooms all across the country with our graduates as they recount the use of our formidable method in action. Feel these experiences as you share the triumphs and ordeals related by the best trial lawyers in the world. Experience the touching narratives and poetry of our Tribe. Learn and grow from the reports of the work done by our Local Groups. Brainstorm with other Alums over what can be found in this singular and powerful publication. Discover the story in your own case and your place in it.

Warriors, with your $40.00 subscription, once released from the press, the current issue is delivered to your door four times a year. In addition, as an alumnus, your subscriber status gives you access to the online, searchable archive of all articles published since 2002.


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The 2019 Spring Issue of The WARRIOR has hit the press!

This issue is dedicated to topics of “civil trial matters,” exploring the issues of civil trial law and grads sharing their stories around this issue.

The Warrior is TLC’s flagship publication. Through The Warrior, alums share discoveries and innovations using TLC methods. Alums teach creative applications of TLC methods through sharing their stories. And, readers stay connected to the College and take away new suggestions for incorporating TLC methods into their work.  Please support The Warrior through your subscription, and through your own submissions for publication.


This month we are offering two articles for free download 

Responding to the "This Never Happened Before" Defense by Eddie Schmidt (TLC 1998) CLICK HERE to download

Blame it on the Roaming Uterus: Representing Women in Chronic Pain Cases by Ashley Parris (TLC1 2008) CLICK HERE to download


Other articles available to subscribers include:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Into Class Actions by Robert G. Pahlke
  • Organic Bad Faith by Michael Chaloupka
  • Strategies for Resolving Medicaid Liens by Connie Henderson
  • Discover and Tell the Emotional Story of Economic Harm by SaraEllen Hutchison
  • Red Bird by Samantha Berryessa Cowart
  • I Am Just Your Reflection by Eric Fong
  • Cross-Examining the Defense Doctor Who Has Never Met My Client by Andrew Rubenstein
  • Asking for Money in a Low Damages Case by Jason Walker
  • How Storytelling Helped Me Slay the Dragon and Beat Allstate at Its Own Game by Rebeccah Graham
  • Finding Emotion in an Ordinary Case by Mark Wagner
  • Trial by the Read-In Transcript and the TLC Method by Lee Thomas
  • Hymn and Haw: Storytelling Through Music by Eric Ganci

The WARRIOR is one more way in which TLC alums teach and connect with each other – you can become part of that connection by subscribing, by reading, and by joining the ranks of alums who have written for this terrific publication.

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