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Milton Grimes tried King v. City of Los Angeles in 1994, in the year that Trial Lawyers College was founded and before Milton’s introduction to psychodrama. Milton built his relationship with his client over two years of care and creativity, but had to try the case before a hostile judge who was worried about the 1992 riots. There would be no attorney voir dire. There was no precedent for video evidence of police brutality in civil rights cases in 1994.

Milton will share how “1994 Milton” prepared to try the case… and, with help from TLC alums playing the roles of witnesses and jurors, Milton will show how he might retry the King case today, with the benefit of 25 years of TLC training and in the face of today's continuing police abuse and homicides of people of color. Milton will show how he might speak to the jury in voir dire and opening statement; how he might examine critical witnesses; and how he would deliver his final argument for justice for Rodney Glenn King, and for us all.


September 23, 2020

4:00 Pacific Time

3:00PM Alaska | 5:00PM Mountain
6:00PM Central | 7:00PM Eastern