Episode 33: TLC Faculty Member, Corinne Mullen on Connecting with Jurors

Corinne Mullen is a dedicated alumnus and faculty member of the Trial Lawyers College and has been since she graduated from the 3-Week College in 1997. TLC is lucky to have such a phenomenal lawyer be a large part of the college. She will be teaching at the 3-Week July College this summer and there is still time to apply.

Today, Corinne talks to Scott Glovsky (Trial Lawyer Talk host and 2007 TLC Grad) on a recent case that had a profound impact on her. She speaks on how connecting with jurors is a large part of her practice and how it can also have a large impact on the verdict of a case. Prior to going to trial, her client was only offered a $1,500 settlement for his chronic pain from a car accident, but after the verdict was read, they came away with $1.5 million. The biggest lesson Corinne learned from this case was discovering her client’s story and connecting with jurors.

“I would talk to each of the six jurors individually leaving no one out. I spoke to them in a conversational way. I did this in opening statement and closing argument.”

Included in this Episode

  • Techniques Corinne used during this case and has used in prior cases
  • Corinne talks about lessons learned and her connections with this particular case
  • How connecting with the client and jurors can have a large impact in the jurys decision on a verdict
  • Corinne gives advice to young lawyers

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Interviewing Corinne Mullen

Corinne Mullen is an attorney from New Jersey and New York who specializes in personal injury. She graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 1997 and became a TLC Faculty Member in 2001. Mullen is an accredited mediator in the State and Federal Courts in New Jersey. She has served as a Barrister in the Morris Pashman Inns of Courts and is a frequent lecturer and guest appearing on MSNBC, WOR, and frequent radio appearances. In her practice, Corinne has participated in some of the landmark New Jersey decisions: In the Matter of Baby M, Operation Bid Rig, and Rivera v. The National Enquirer. In civil actions, Corinne seeks the maximum recovery for victims of serious accidents, including automobile accidents, medical negligence, elder abuse, civil rights and sexual harassment. She is also a TLC Ranch Club Member.

Host, Scott Glovsky – Trial Lawyer Talk

Scott graduated from TLC in 2007 and has been a faculty member since 2014. He has been practicing law since 1993 when he graduated from Cornell School of Law. Scott’s practice emphasizes personal injury and is nationally recognized as an advocate for the rights of the injured and insurance policyholders. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award, Consumer Attorneys Association of California’s “California Street Fighter of the Year” award and the “President’s Award of Merit” from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

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