TLC Podcast Episode 9: Gerry Spence on TEDx Stage

Episode 9: Gerry Spence on TEDx Stage

“I began to learn how to try a case because you don’t learn how to try a case in law school, you only learn law. Then they kick you out. And you are then a licensed lawyer and then people can come to you and pay you money to try a case and you don’t know how to try a case. That’s kind of the legal education that we got and the training that we got and the training today that lawyers are still getting. Let us be true about this, it’s the non-training, is the crime of our educational system that is so inverted that it cannot see what it is doing.”  – Gerry Spence, Founder of the Trial Lawyers College

Gerry Spence talked on the TEDx stage in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in November 2016. He talks about what brought him to fight for justice away from big business and why he started the Trial Lawyers College.

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Gerry Spence

Spence has never lost a criminal case, nor has he lost a civil case since 1969, and he has had more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than any lawyer in America. As a man who has really never retired, in his late 70s, Spence represented Brandon Mayfield, an Oregon attorney, against the United States federal government, and was instrumental in obtaining a federal court decision to hold the Patriot Act unconstitutional. In 2008, in a politically charged case brought by the U.S. Justice Department against attorney Geoffrey Fieger, Spence won complete acquittals for his client on a ten-count indictment alleging federal campaign contribution violations, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.

Spence is the founder of the Trial Lawyers College which has established a revolutionary method for training lawyers for the people. He believes that what he has learned in a career should be shared with those who will continue to strive for justice on behalf of ordinary citizens. At the College, he and his pro bono staff teach important skills and methods to trial lawyers for the people as well as to lawyers who have dedicated their professional lives to defeating the death penalty. Read more about Gerry Spence


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