TLC Podcast Episode 02: Interviewing R. Rex Parris; Overcoming Fear, Cognitive Science, and Connecting with Juries

Episode 02: R. Rex Parris on Overcoming Fear, Cognitive Science, and Connecting with Juries

Attorney R. Rex Parris is our guest in this episode. Rex has more than 30 years experience in the courtroom and as managing partner of his firm, he is a true wealth of knowledge and insight. We had the opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics, from fear management in the courtroom and the fallibility of juries, to the application of cognitive science in trials and what Rex does for personal development. Over his career as a lawyer, Rex has obtained dozens of 7, 8, and 9 figure verdicts and settlements. Along with managing his firm and a busy trial schedule, Rex is also the mayor of Lancaster, CA.

Included in this Episode

  • Biological mechanism of fear; a natural feeling and how to overcome it
  • The “Courtroom is a Battlefield” discussed as a wrong analogy
  • Rex Parris as a TLC Executive Board Member and the role TLC has made in his life
  • Using Cognitive Science as a lawyer
  • Discussing the new college, Parris Professionalism Institute: For lawyers to treat other lawyers as human beings
  • Organizations and groups that have been impactful for Rex and that may help other attorneys

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Interviewing Rex Parris

Rex Parris graduated from his first Trial Lawyers College course in 1995. He has been a TLC faculty member since 2003 and a TLC Board Member since 2014. Rex is recognized as one of the most successful and innovative trial lawyers alive today. He handles a wide variety of cases, ranging from severe personal injury to class actions, products liability, and business torts. When he is not in trial, Rex tours the country speaking to trial lawyer organizations about the intersection of cognitive science and the persuasion of jurors. Rex and his wife, Carrol, founded the Firm in 1985 with the goal of building a truly great law firm. That goal has never changed – they continue to innovate and work tirelessly to improve the service and results they provide daily.

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