TLC Methods – Helping with life, not just the courtroom by Rhonda Bruner – Cullman, AL – July 2011 Grad

Since I last saw Laurie at the 2012 Death Penalty Course, quite a lot has changed. I am now practicing law only sparingly. This past Thanksgiving my Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer and stayed in the hospital until mid-February. Right before she came home, my Dad went for a routine check up, at which time his doctor found a tumor on his stomach. He was later diagnosed with late stage Gastric Cancer. Needless to say, my priorities changed. I moved out to the farm with them, closed and liquidated our family business, and have considerably scaled back my practice.

You know, God really does have a plan for my success and not my destruction. When I came to the ranch in 2011, that was timed by God. Twice before, I had downloaded the application, prayed about it, but did not apply. I needed to learn the TLC method. And I needed to learn how to use it. I also needed to learn how to cope with the method during times of “life or death”. So, I came back for the Death Penalty course. Honestly, those were the best decisions ever made!

Both of my parents are still with us, defying all of the odds against their survival. Cancer is ugly. Chemotherapy stinks, especially when it is a double dose. I have had to use every psychodramatic technique I learned at the ranch. Doctors are not used to being questioned about the courses of treatment they choose for their patients. At least five of them now understand how important it is to really care about their patients and their families. And that has made all the difference.

What students learn at TLC is more than just ways to improve their practices. It is truly life changing. I encourage them all to take advantage of the glory of every single sunrise, as they usher in new hope for every day. I will come back to the ranch. For now, I will enjoy the time I have with family and friends and all 10 of my fur-kids (3 dogs and 7 horses).

Keep up the good work, Warriors!


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